Thursday, February 26, 2015

We pretty much live in Kingston!

Hello good people. 
This week has been rather crazy. So please forgive my email if it is rather scattered today. Plus we have like literally no time to email today so I apologize for the fact that I won't really be replying to anyone's individual emails this week. 
We went to Kingston FIVE TIMES in the last eight days. That's a whole lot of times. In fact, I'm in Kingston right now... and I shall be here for who knows how long because they still don't have all the transfer logistics figured out. 
Oh! Yes that's right... we had transfer calls this week. Sister Llewellyn's mission is done, so she's going home.... which means I get another new companion! I'm going to be serving with Sister Tafuna but she's currently in Cayman and nobody knows when she's flying back to Jamaica... so I'm just going to hang out with the Sister training leaders for a few days haha. Vacation time! (Not really.) 
Okay so let's see... what else happened this week? 
Wednesday we had zone meeting! It was one of the best zone meetings I've ever been to... we did the usual training stuff for the first part and then the second half we played this big game to learn about companion unity... it was like that game you play at bridal showers and stuff... the "how well do you know your companion" game. Basically we spent an hour just dying of laughter and making total fools out of ourselves. It was a blast. 
I had the flu Wednesday and Thursday though... so we had to spend Wednesday afternoon and an hour of Thursday morning inside :( Good news though! I said a prayer that I'd feel better so we could go out to work and bam! I felt better like a half hour later. Faith is real folks. 
We went to do some washing for one of our investigators on Friday. We were just sitting there washing clothes and talking when all of the sudden he comes and is like "Uh... guys, this is really awkward. But I don't have any money to pay you for all this work." We just started laughing because service is free! He was so confused and kept insisting that he'd have to pay us later. But we shall not be taking any money from him... no sir! 
Friday night we had a little party at the church. One of the members, Emiele, is leaving for his mission today. He's going to California... So all of ya'll in California, keep an eye out for Elder Johnson! But anywho the party was a blast. We played a ton of games, ate a ton of great food (I learned how to make ackee and saltfish! Yummy yummy yummy!), and basically it just reminded me of being home on a Friday night. Well minus the fact that we left at 8 so we could be home in time for curfew... haha. 
Saturday we were back in Kingston again, and we found a WENDY'S! Holy canoli I haven't had wendy's in approximately fifty kabillion years. It was a very good treat haha. 
Okay so this email is so scattered this week... I'm sorry. We got picked up to come to Kingston yesterday at like nine o'clock and it's just been a whirlwind ever since.
But! Ya'll the Atonement is so real. Yesterday we were taking the sacrament, and I have literally never felt the spirit that strong in my life while taking the sacrament. As I was just thinking about the Savior and his sacrifice for each of us, this overwhelming sense of peace came to me... I haven't felt peace like that in a very, very long time. It was amazing. It was such a testimony builder to me. I love this gospel. And I love my mission. 
Also I love you all :) Have great weeks! 

Sister Oman 
The view of Kingston from the sister training leader's apartment... isn't it beautiful? 


FHE at the Pommell's last monday night

Cottage meeting last week, Jamaica!!!!

Jasmine and I! 

The fancy pants chalkboard we made for Emiele's farewell party on friday night 

JAMAICA!!!! Land that I love :) 

Our district minus my companion because she didn't want to be in the picture haha. 

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