Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Companions in 3 Days

Alrighty. Hello folks. How are you all? 
This week was fantastic. Slash insane. I don't even know where to begin. 
I think I said last week that I was supposed to be in Kingston for a few days until my new companion came from Cayman. Butttt plans changed and my week was crazy as a result. Monday I hung out with the Sister Training leaders for part of the day until the newbies came in from the MTC. Then I took one of them home with me to Portmore for a day and a half until transfers. Her name is Sister Manetja and she's from South Africa and she's pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. So we had a rather good day for sure. 
Then Wednesday morning we got up at FIVE IN THE MORNING. (That's insanely early for a missionary in case you didn't know.) We had to be in Kingston by seven so Sister Manetja could be at new missionary orientation before transfer meeting. So then I was without a companion once more. So I hung out with Sister Judd (she's finally back from Nassau!), Sister Bailey, and Sister Thompson. We went teaching for a few hours. On our way back from teaching, we were driving along when we looked out the window and what did we see? A donkey cart! So Sister Judd and I made Sister Thompson pull over and we ran like a block and a half after the donkey cart until we finally got to take some pictures with it. We made some new friends and shared the gospel with them too. It was rather fun. 
Then we went to transfer meetings, and I got to see all of my favorite people! It seemed like half the mission was at transfers this week so it was just a blast. I got shipped back to Portmore with Sister Garrett and Sister Nelson for Wednesday evening. We taught some great lessons as a cute little tri companionship and then the next morning we said goodbye to Sister Nelson because she was going to Nassau! So Sister Garrett and I were then companions for two days. And man let me tell you that was like the best two days of my mission! I LOVE Sister Garrett! We decided we were premortal best friends haha. I don't think I've ever met someone that I have that much in common with! I just love that girl. 
Thursday we did some service...we helped a member move! We are super sisters and we can move heavy things! Hahha it was a blast and we got some free bag juice afterwards which made it even better. Hehe. We actually did a bunch of service this week... we did some wash for an investigator, helped decorate for a lovely little wedding in the chapel, and something else but I can't remember. Anyways I just love doing service. 
Saturday morning we got up at FIVE IN THE MORNING. AGAIN. This time it was to take Sister Garrett to the airport so she could go to Cayman... and then we picked up my real life official companion! Sister Tafuna has reached Portmore, ladies and gents! And I just love her. She's so chill and we pretty much just laugh all the time. Haha. 
The last two weeks, we have pretty much been dropped or we dropped every single person we were working with (besides like two), which means right now we have approximately two investigators. Which means we don't have a whole lot of people to go see... so we do A LOT of walking and talking to people. We've discovered a great finding strategy. Portmore is really hot and we run out of water really often. So we have to beg water off of people. But it gives us an excuse to talk to them and share the gospel! We've found a ton of really awesome people the last couple of days and we're really excited to start working with them and getting to know them more. 
We came home Saturday night exhausted after a really long day of working, and I went to get my pajamas out of my closet. I was just about to grab my shirt when all of the sudden I noticed my clothes moving and a lizard popped out of the top of one of my shirts! I am very afraid of lizards people. So I screamed and stood on a chair and tried to beat my shirts with a broom for a while until Sister Tafuna came and tried to help for a little bit. Long story short we never got the lizard out of the closet that night but I said a prayer that it wouldn't crawl on me while I slept and it didn't so that's how I know prayers are answered and Heavenly Father loves us. Also I learned that Sister Tafuna and I make a great companionship because she's not afraid of lizards and I am, and I'm not afraid of cockroaches and she is so we can just take turns killing things and chasing them out of our house. So yep. 
I found a cool scripture this week. It's 1 John 5:9 and it says: 
If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 
I just loved that scripture because we go and we tell people all day every day "Now, we can tell you all of these things all we want but we don't want you to just take our word for it. Nothing is going to make a difference in  your life until you pray about it and you receive a witness from the Holy Ghost." And a lot of times people don't really understand how important it is to get that witness from God that the church is true... they don't really get why they just can't take our word for it. But here it is right in the Bible! The witness of God is greater, people. So pray about anything and everything! He'll answer. If there's one thing I've learned on my mission more than anything else... it's just that. He always answers. No matter what. 
I love you all. Ya'll are the greatest people in the word and I miss you tons. Thanks for being rad. 

Sister Oman 
Me and Sister Brown (Alexa... she's from Portmore and I helped her get ready for her mission!) 

Sister Brown and Sister Slater (i came out with Sister Slater) and President Brown likes to photobomb... 

Me and Sister Manejta.  She's from South Africa and I trained her for like a day and a half until she went to her real trainer hahahah

The donkey cart we chased after and our new friend Damion. 

Me and Sister Wilkinson (she went home last week! isn't that crazy?) 

Me, Sister Nelson, and Sister Garrett the day we were in a tri-companionship. 

This is how Elder Biddulf moves furniture

Me and Sister Garrett with our bag juices

Hehe a random sign in Kingston. Repent! Haha

Me and sister Garrett. We decided we were premortal best friends and we shall be living together when we go home.

Hehe Jamaica a nation on a mission... get it? 

One is the lizard that gave us quite a surprise on Friday night. Like how he was just chilling in my closet? Rude. 

The park has a sign that says no dump, yet there's trash everywhere... including this lovely little toilet! 

Sister Tafuna and I! Sorry for the awkward angle of the picture... this is what happens when you don't want a selfie but  you want to both be in it and you have to use the timer thingy on your camera. 

This is me and Sister Tafuna. She's a darling and I love her! 

We thought this sign was relevant because it says eternity. I was going to come up with something clever to say about it but I can't be bothered. So enjoy the picture. Haha. 

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