Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let's just Love Each Other!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had great weeks and you're all just loving life :) First, a public service announcement: please start sending all letters and stuff to Jamaica for me. I don't know how much longer I'll be in the Bahamas and I want to get mail from ya'll still! Write me at: 
Sister Samantha Justine Oman 
Jamaica Kingston Mission
PO Box 2316
Kingston 8, Jamaica, W.I. 
Our week was great here in Nassau! 
Monday was my birthday... and what a great birthday it was! We got to go to Atlantis, a resort thing on Paradise Island. With petting sting rays and starfish, relaxing on the beach, and getting some really yummy smoothies, I'd say it was a pretty good way to spend my twentieth birthday! In the evening, we went over to do family home evening with the Eyers family. They made super yummy cheesecake brownies and I got to do the whole candle blowing out thing. Woohoo! :) 
Tuesday I woke up really, really sick again. And so did Sister Judd. So the two of us had to stay home all day and just sleep and recover... and that was Tuesday! 
Wednesday, we ran errands in the morning to prepare for zone conference, and then had a lesson with Wilkins. We talked about Samuel the Lamanite... and I've been thinking a lot about that story ever since. I think we can all learn from him. He knew what the Lord wanted him to do, and he was determined to do it. Even after the Nephites threw him out of their city, he found a way to do what he had been told to do. He didn't care that he had to climb a wall and stand on top of it while people tried to shoot him down. He had faith and he knew that he would be protected as long as he did what was right. After that lesson, we had coordination meeting. Andrew got called as the new assistant branch mission leader, and we are oh so excited! We love Andrew! Then we headed to the airport to pick up the four sisters from Grand Cayman! They flew in for zone conference... which meant I got to see Sister Mouritsen again! Finally! 
Thursday, we ran even more errands to prepare for zone conference. We had to buy all the food to feed everyone lunch on Friday. I've officially decided I have a lot of respect for you, Mom. Preparing food for twenty plus people is a lot of work. So good job :) Haha. I've also decided that being an adult isn't all as glamorous as I thought it would be when I was like six. It's mostly just a lot of talking on the phone and driving around and spending money. Hahah. We picked up the two sisters from Turks and Caicos in the afternoon and brought them home... which meant we had ten sisters staying in our tiny little apartment! Which was super fun... until the power and water went out. Ten girls, no water, no power, plus a zone conference to look (somewhat) good for. That was a definite adventure. 
Friday was the day of bucket showers galore, and then we went to the airport to pick up all the elders. We had zone conference all day, which was so cool! Elder Cornish of the Quorum of the seventy came and it was a really cool experience to get to talk with him one on one. I had to give a talk at zone conference... which was more than mildly terrifying because someone who has spoken at general conference was in the room haha. That night, Elder Cornish gave a fireside for the branch. I thought I'd share part of what he talked about. He gave us six words to remember.
1. Family: Make sure we see to the salvation of ourselves and our families first.
2. Family: The Lord holds us responsible to help save other people's families too. 
3. Doctrine: We can understand and help others understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ through diligent study
4. Covenants: As we learn about the doctrine, we are able to make and keep covenants and help others keep covenants that will enable us to live in the Celestial Kingdom
5. Redeemed: When we choose the right, we are able to return to live with God
6. Sealed: We will not only be able to live with God, but if we keep our covenants, we will live with our loved ones for eternity
Saturday, we had quarterly interviews in the morning, and then we went to drop of all the sisters at the airport. We taught a few lessons, had a wonderful dinner (including guava duff... my favorite!), and then we got a phone call. The Cayman sisters were still here! The airline had a mishap... so they were staying in the Hilton hotel. Some of them got to leave yesterday, and others will be here until Tuesday. Adventures I tell ya! 
Sunday we had an amazing Relief Society lesson! I just really love church so much and I love this branch more than words can express :) Then we went home and did weekly planning since our week was a little insane, had a yummy Jamaican dinner, and had a great lesson with our favorite group of recent convert teenage boys! I just love those kids! And that was our week! 
This week, I've been thinking a lot about love. When we love people with a pure Christlike love, it really does just solve so many problems. Love is amazing. I love love :) Please enjoy this quote that Erica sent me from Marjorie Pay Hinckley: "The trouble with the world and with you and me is that we don't love each other enough. And if we do, we don't bother to show it, or we don't bother to say it. If the world is to know love, it has to be in your heart and in mine. And the Lord can fill our hearts with love if we will just go to him."
I just love that! It's so true! Let's all just do our best to fill the world with love each and every day... and let's love each other enough to share the gospel with everyone we meet! That's the real way to show love... by sharing God's love with everyone! 
And now, please enjoy my testimony in Creole. 
Mwen renmen ou! Mwen renmen Jezikri epi Papa nou ki nan syel la. M ka konnen a ke mesaj sa a vre. Bondye renmen ou, eip li vle ou gen ke kontan nan lavi sa a ak nan letenite a. "Paske Bondye si telman renmen mond lanke li bay sel Pitit Gason Literal li a, poutet pou tout moun ki kwe nan li pa peri men pou yo ka gen lavi etenel." -Jan 3:16
I love you all! Have a great week!!! 
Sister Oman 

Pictures: Atlantis birthday adventures! 


I'm sitting on a giant chair on my twentieth birthday holding a Bahamian twenty dollar bill... hahahaha get it?? 

Please note how expensive ice cream in Atlantis was. There is no way I was about to buy that....good grief

Sister Wolf is crazy.  Ha! Ha!

Happy B-Day!

I'm 20!!!!

Cherry Pie for my B-Day too!  My favorite!

Sister Judd and I watching church movies and sleeping all day Tuesday! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm twenty!

Bonjou! Nom wen se Ser Oman. Muen se misoyne pou Legliz Jezikri pou sen denye Jou yo. Koman ou ye? 
Hey ya'll!! I hope everyone had fantastic weeks :) Ours was pretty good here in the Bahamas! We're just practicing our creole like crazy, sharing the gospel, and partying it up (missionary style) because I'm officially an old woman! Holy moly since when am I old enough to be twenty? Haha. 
So... what did we do last week? 
Monday: We did the usual shopping and emailing and whatnot and then we spent the afternoon at a sweet junkanoo museum place. Junkanoo is like this giant carnival thing they have every year around Christmas. They make GIANT costumes out of cardboard and crepe paper, and then run around the streets playing really loud music for sixteen hours. So we got to go look at a place where they make some of the costumes... and we even got to try a costume on! It was so fun :) Then we went to the straw market and picked up a couple of fun things, and had dinner at the Ballard's house! We ended the evening at the Taylor family's house and had a really fun family home evening lesson with them about agency and choosing the right. 
Tuesday we had DLC all morning at the church and then we spent the afternoon teaching people the gospel. You know, missionary stuff ;) I had another cool experience with the scriptures... I was praying and then I got up to go get a drink and I just had this prompting to go flip open my scriptures. So I did, and the page I flipped open to had a verse highlighted that was the exact answer to my prayer. Man, every week I realize more and more how much Heavenly Father loves us... He really does answer each and every one of our prayers, no matter how small our questions may be in the grand scheme of things! 
Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning, and then we had a trade off all afternoon! I was with Sister Woolf in my area and we had so much fun haha. We started off our afternoon at Marguerite's house. Now, Marguerite doesn't speak any English, and our creole skills are still severely lacking, so we have to bring translators with us. But anyways, we had one of the most powerful lessons on the plan of salvation I've ever experienced on my mission. The spirit was so strong, and she was able to commit to baptism... which is something she's been struggling with for a really long time! It really just showed me that even though we can't really communicate directly due to the language barrier, the spirit can communicate directly with both of us. It doesn't matter what language you speak, the message of the gospel is the same... and the blessings of the gospel are the same too! We taught a few more lessons, and then we went and had dinner with Sister Woolf's cousin and her new husband. They just so happened to be in Nassau on their honeymoon and Sister Woolf was able to get permission to see them for a while! It was mighty fun. 
Thursday, we had a really powerful lesson with a less active. We read part of President Uchtdorf's talk with her called Forget Me Not... that talk is just amazing! I would really recommend everyone looking it up. Then one of our favorite members, Sister Josie, took us to lunch at a delicious little greek restaurant downtown. We taught a few lessons, and then headed to the church for our first English class! I was really worried about starting English because we don't speak creole very well and they don't speak English at all... but it went really well! We were able to teach everyone basic greetings, and how to say a simple prayer in english! It was so much fun and they picked it up so fast! Woohoo! 
Friday, we had weekly planning and then we taught a few lessons. We didn't teach a single person that spoke english, and we only had one lesson with a translator. But it was okay! Wilkins, one of our recent converts, is such a good sport in our lessons. We usually read a story out of the book of mormon (because he has one in creole so he just follows along), and then do our best to share our testimonies using the little vocabulary we do know! It's funny sometimes, but we can always feel the spirit, so that's good :) We ended Friday at the church for Friday fun night! It was one of the best one's we've had yet! I love this little branch :) 
Saturday, we spent most of our studies making a little board of the Plan of Salvation for one of our new investigators, Cerament. It was super fun to make and it helped him remember so much in the lesson! We decided that that is how we're going to have to teach him in every lesson now... using A LOT of visuals :) Then we had a lesson with Allen, and man oh man I love that kid. He just really opened up to us and shared a ton and I think it will really help us help him now. I'm so excited to get to meet with him again. We spent most of the rest of the day finding less actives, and we ended the night at the church for Sister Smith's baby shower! I'm so happy for her and Brother Smith :)  And that was Saturday! 
Sunday, I woke up really sick haha. So we went to church and I had to come home and sleep for a couple of hours, then we went out and taught a few lessons, and came home again and I just slept for the rest of the night. But on the bright side, I feel a lot better today! And we were still able to see a few people and have really good lessons with them. 
Today, we're going to Atlantis! Woohoo! I'm so excited... best birthday ever! 
Mwen renmen ou! The church is true! 
Well... we're off to the beach! ;) Have a great week! 
Sister Oman 
That man that I'm standing next to? Entirely made of coconut. How cool is that??? 


Junkanoo museum! Those costumes that we have on are the smallest costumes they have at the museum. Some of the others are seriously like almost as big as a house. No exaggeration. 

The Ballard's house! We love them so much!!

Sister Judd and I bought (semi) matching Bahamas shirts at the straw market with our birthday money! Yay almost birthday twins! 

The cheesecake I made for Sister Judd's B-Day!

Sister Bailey and I with our lovely Plan Sali A board. It was mighty useful in our lesson :) 

Sister Smith's Baby Shower

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Faith replaces fear!

Hey ya'll! Okay so this email might be on the longish side... I apologize for that. 
We were in a lesson this last week with an investigator. He was saying that He didn't know if he could make all the changes necessary to become a member of the church. At first, I was frustrated. He's told us that he knows the church is true, so why can't he just make the necessary changes? Then I started to really think about it and understand where he was coming from and I realized that I am the exact same way. I resist change when I'm comfortable with where I'm at. But then I realized something else- change is the only way to progress! 
A lot has changed in my life over the last year and a half or so. I've graduated high school, moved out of the house, started college, and now I'm living on a little island in a foreign country surrounded by people I've only known a few weeks. And I'm starting to realize that my life isn't the only one that's changing. Most of the things and people I was comfortable with when I left home probably won't be there when I get back. At first, I was having a really hard time with that. I was kind of like our investigator... I was content with the way things were, so why did they have to change? But now I'm comping to terms with it. God puts changes in our lives to provide opportunites for progression. If everything stayed the same, nothing would ever move forward. 
I was studying the story of Alma this week. At first, he was just a guy hanging out in King Noah's court. I'm willing to bet he was pretty content with his life- I mean, I would be if I were friends with the king. But God wasn't content with where Alma was at. He saw the bigger picture, and He knew the potential Alma had. So he sent his prophet Abinadi. Abinadi went and preached and prophesied to King Noah and his court- and Alma listened. Something sparked his interest in the things Abinadi was saying. I think He realized at that point that He could become something way more than what He was already. So he decided to make a change- a pretty big change too, I would say. And I'll be that there were times during that changing process that Alma was pretty scared. Wouldn't you be scared if a king had just cast you out of his court and sent people to kill you? But at that point, Alma already knew that the changes he was making were for the better. he had faith in God- he trusted that the Lord had put him on the right path. "And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart." 
If Alma would have resisted the changes the Lord was trying to help him make in his life, what would have happened? Well... not only would he have robbed himself of all the blessings the gospel can bring, but he would have robbed literally hundreds of other people of the blessings the gospel can bring. Because Alma listened and had faith, at least 450 people were brought to a knowledge of God. God saw Alma's potential and he gave Alma an opportunity to reach that potential! I'm realizing now that change is scary and hard. But faith replaces fear. When we have faith in God, we can trust that as we counsel with him in all of our doings, He will direct us for good. God sees the bigger picture. And sometimes change is just a necessary part of that bigger picture :) Okay so I hope that made sense haha. On to the week!
This week was short! I seriously feel like I just emailed everyone yesterday.
Monday we spent the afternoon at Paradise Island on the beach and shopping in the straw market. We found a cute little place that sells delicious snow cones for a dollar, and just had a jolly good time :) Then we spent the evening with the Eyers family! We played "Mormon Jenga" for family home evening and they ordered DOMINO'S! Woohoo it was so fun! 
Tuesday we had some fantastic lessons with members. We've been working with a kid who's a prospective missionary, and we had a lesson with him on Tuesday. We talked about Christ and watched the video of His resurrection. Man the spirit was so strong in that lesson- he told us afterwards that his desire to serve a mission is a lot stronger now than it was before and it made us so happy! 
Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning... which was fantastic. Sister Bailey is a wonderful district meeting and teacher :) It was also a wee bit chaotic because skype decided to break and the elders needed to participate in district meeting so we had to just pass the phone around on speaker and have district meeting over the phone. Hahaha oh bahamas. How we love you. That night we had a meeting with President Ferdinand. He was helping us identify some less actives to start working with. We're going through the branch directory and he's telling us names. I mentioned a name and he looks at me super serious all of the sudden and then says "Sister Oman. Don't bother with him. He's a gangster." I don't know why but Sister Bailey and I found that so funny. We had to just stop the meeting for like five minutes and go in the hall because we were laughing so hard. I'm pretty sure I was sore for like three days because I laughed so hard for so long. Hehehehe. 
Thursday was a really really good day too! We had a bunch of spiritual lessons with people and a ton of prayers were answered in that day. You guys. Read the scriptures all the time. Heavenly Father uses them to help answer your prayers and direct your paths... The scriptures really are the word of God! 
Friday we had weekly planning and then we went out to teach. We stopped by to get the mail and I had two packages waiting for me! (Shoutout to Erica and Mom and Dad!) Don't worry mom... I'm not opening my birthday package until next week :) So that made for a fantastic lunch break. Then we went and taught a bunch of lessons to the most wonderful people in the world. Our last lesson for the evening was in an area with a lot of dogs. We parked the car a few blocks away from where we were supposed to teach because we were a little early so we were just going to go street contacting. Which was all fine and good until a dog saw us and decided to bark at us a lot. Which scared the living daylights out of us so we sprinted to our appointment. That may not have been our best move because the dog started running after us. Oops. So anyways we run and run and run and we get to the house and the front door is open so we just run right in. Melda, the member that was with us, totally biffed it and sprawled all over inside the doorway. So after Sister Bailey picked her up, there was room for me to run in. I ran in and slammed the door and then we all just collapsed on the ground laughing because our poor investigators looked so confused. They had all just been sitting in the house talking when three girls come running in while screaming really loud. I mean, I'd be confused... wouldn't you be? Hahah but it's okay because we all love each other. So lesson learned... don't run from barking dogs. Yep.
Saturday we got permission to start studying creole in the mornings after studies because so many of the people we teach are creole speaking! Woohoo! Also we're starting an english class this week... so exciting! We had some really really powerful lessons with people. One especially stuck out to me. We were visiting a less active who doesn't really speak much english. And our creole is still severely limited, so we were kind of at a loss as to how to communicate. All of the sudden, Sister Bailey pulls out a pamphlet and has him read something about the atonement. Then she flips to the part where it talks about taking the sacrament. And then I jump in and asked him if he would be able to come to church the next day. He sat there crying for a few minutes and then looked at us and just said "I coming church. I coming." The spirit is a universal language! It doesn't matter what language we speak... as long as we teach lovingly, the spirit will be there to help everyone along! The church is true!
Sunday was a typical Sunday filled with the spirit, the sacrament, and wonderful lessons! We got home and we thought the other sisters weren't home yet...their car wasn't in the driveway and the house was dark. So I'm unlocking the door and we walk in and flip on the lights and they both just jump out of no where and start screaming. I seriously think my heart stopped. It was so scary man! Hahahahah but then we all had a good laugh and went to planning! Good day, good day. 
I hope you all have great weeks!!! I'm sorry this email was so long... I just had so much to say! I love you all so much and I miss you all! 

Sister Oman
Us at the foister building! (It's really called the cloister but we call it the foister because it's super foisty.) Foisty=  a british word meaning old and smelly and dirty.

Disney cruise ships! These are a really common sight around downtown. 

A random mural that we found in downtown last Monday. 

My delicious enchiladas that i made up the recipe for. They don't look very appetizing but they were AMAZING. 

And Sister Bailey and I with our goombay! We love goombay yes we do! I wish you could all try it... someday! :) (Please ignore my bright red face. I was a wee bit sunburned to a crisp.)  

And the lizard's name is William. William hangs out around one of our recent convert's houses sometimes. William and I don't get along too well... he's scared me a few too many times for his own benefit. But it's alright. I'm learning to love him. 

The pig's name is knuckles. Erica sent him to me. (Thanks Decker... I sure do love you :) 

And today is Sister Judd's birthday so we floured her this morning! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doubt not

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Sounds like everyone had pretty exciting weeks! 
So... what happened last week? Man it feels like it was the longest week in the entire world and I don't even know where to start. So I guess I'll start at the beginning... 
Monday after we emailed it was almost six o'clock due to the whole airport slash no power fiasco of 2014 so we just went grocery shopping and called it a p-day! Sister Woolf and I were companions for a few days, so she and I went and did a little FHE lesson with a few of our recent converts and called it a night! 
Tuesday we taught a bunch of lessons and they were all great! Sister Kemp took us to lunch on Tuesday at an adorable little bistro type place. It was delicious. Something she said at lunch has really stuck with me all week... "Nobody can steal your knowledge. They can take your car, they can take your phone, they can take your clothes... they can take everything you have, but what you learn is yours. Nobody can take away your knowledge." Isn't that so true? So basically what I've been learning lately is that education is seriously one of the most important things we can get in this life... other than a testimony of the gospel that is. So read all the books you can and learn everything about everything, because the things we learn in this life are the only things we get to take with us to the next! On a less serious note... Michelle (a member of the branch that I just love) told us on Tuesday that we probably have so many lizards in the house because there's been so many thunderstorms. Apparently lizards only are born when it thunders. Ya know, because that makes total sense. hahahah. I just love her.
Wednesday was district meeting. We just did one giant off island zone district meeting over skype since every island only had two missionaries on it due to transfers and such... it was really fun to get to talk with everyone and we learned so much from each other! I love district meetings. 
Thursday was a crazy long day. Man so many stories to tell. First of all, Sister Woolf and I were leaving an appointment when a lady came up to us and told us we couldn't park our car where we'd left it anymore. We apologized and said we didn't know, and then started to drive away when we decided to share the gospel with her. So we approached her and said, "Hi! What's your name?" She just waved and said "bye!" So that was awkward. Then we headed over to see a family in the branch. When we got there, only the teenage son was home. So we had an awkward lesson involving us standing on the porch and teaching him through the door because we couldn't go inside. But it ended with free chocolate cake and milk, so that was all good. Then we headed to the airport to pick up our new companions! But... their flight was delayed. And the airport is like all the way on the other side of the island from where we normally teach so we were a little frustrated because we didn't know what to do for two hours. So we said a prayer and just started driving. We were driving along when I was like "Sister Woolf, I really feel like we should turn down this road." So we did and as we drove a little further down, I started to recognize where we were! It was a road that one of our investigators lives on and we hadn't been able to reach her for a really long time. So we decided to stop by her house and see if she was home, and she was! We had one of the most spiritual lessons I've taught in a while with her, and it was wonderful! It was so cool to see that if we just put our trust in the Lord, He really will guide us every day. Then we headed back to the airport and we waited and waited and waited. We were talking to someone when two missionaries came out of the gate. Unfortunately, they were elders. We were really confused because Nassau is a sisters-only island, so we didn't know why they were there. Turns out they were just connecting through to Freeport, so they headed out... but then they came back and said they missed their flight. So we got stuck with all of their stuff and then Sister Judd and Sister Bailey showed up and were starving so we waited with their stuff too while they got food. So... we got to watch like twelve suitcases for a long time. Suitcase sitting is much easier than babysitting, let me tell ya. But a lot more boring too haha. We finally got everything sorted out, got the elders off of our island, and had time for one more lesson, and that was Thursday! 
Friday was a day full of teaching and weekly planning. We got to teach a lesson at the beach again... those lessons are always some of my favorites. It's so easy to feel the spirit when you're just out in beautiful nature! Heavenly Father sure must love us a lot if He gave us such a beautiful world to live in. Friday night was fun night, so we spent the last hour of the day eating and playing games with members of the branch. I love these people so much. They've become like a second family to me, and I never want to leave!
Saturday we taught a bunch of lessons and it was great! We had a really spiritual lesson with a recent convert about prayer... we all cried. It was amazing. I love the spirit! 
Sunday we went to church bright and early so we could attend a little kid's baptism, and then we had a really good testimony meeting in sacrament! After church, we taught a few lessons, and ate dinner with Lisa and Andrew and that was our Sunday! 
It's been raining all day every day for a really long time here... the entire island is pretty much flooded. We've had to wade in knee-deep water a few times to get to appointments... it's such an adventure! I just love it. Apparently there's a tropical storm or something headed our way, but I don't actually know anything about it really because we aren't allowed to watch the news or anything haha. 
This week I've been studying prayer. I think that prayer is such an awesome gift! Heavenly Father just loves us so much and He wants to talk to us! I was reading a talk from Elder Cornish to prepare for zone conference, and I found this quote that I absolutely love. "I have found that one of the secrets to a joyful life is to recognize that doing things the Lord's way will make me happier than doing things my way." 
I just love that, and it's so true! Prayer aligns our will with the will of God, and as we work to align our will with God's will, we will find more happiness and peace than we ever could when we fight against God. This gospel is a gospel of joy. I know that now more than I've ever known that in my life. Following Christ's example is the only way to find true happiness in this life and the next. Just trust in God, and everything else will fall into place! 
"Doubt not, but be believing." -Mormon 9:27
I love you all!! 
Sister Oman 

Pictures: The new sisters! Sister Bailey and Sister Judd! and a gorgeous rainbow we saw while we were teaching at the beach. 
The wall above my desk

Sister Kemp!

knocking on doors is fun to do, fun to do! 

We found zion!

A jitney! (Or coaster, or bus, or whatever you want to call it.)

Sister Woolf and I with our free milk

Waiting with four missionaries' luggage at the airport!

The flooded street!! Our appointment was in one of the houses in the red and white building... so we got to wade through that gross nasty water. It was an adventure for sure! 

My New Planner

Funerals, weddings, and transfers... oh my!

Late Friday night, we got a call from the AP's. They told us that Sister Rampersad, Sister Collier, and myself needed to start packing our bags because we were going to Abaco!! (Another island in the Bahamas.) They told us that our flight left the next morning at seven am, and we were getting such short notice because President Brown just got the approval to send missionaries out to open the area. The elders said we would be opening the island with two elders. There's not even a chuch unit on Abaco, and we were really confused why they would be sending three sisters out to open an area like that...haha. So when they told us our flight itineraries were in our inboxes, we called good ol' Lisa and had her check our email for us. (because we don't have internet and it was after curfew.) She said that there was most definitely not a flight itinerary in our inbox. So I called back Elder Daniels and Elder Prete and they admitted that it was a joke... to get back for something we did to our zone leaders earlier that week (I'll explain that in a minute.) But... they only told Sister Rampersad and I that. Sister Collier was still under the assumption that we were going to Abaco. So she went in and started legit packing all of her stuff.... hahahahhaha it was so funny! We let her pack for like ten minutes until we couldn't take it anymore and told her it was all a prank. But... long story short, I'm not going to Abaco. 
I'm staying in Nassau another transfer!!!! We got transfer calls Saturday morning. Sister Rampersad got transferred to an area in Jamaica though... my new companion's name is Sister Bailey. She's from Jamaica and I'm so excited to meet her! Sister Collier also got transferred back to Jamaica. She's being replaced by Sister Judd.... who is American but I can't actually remember where she's from right now. Oops. 
Kay so now what happened this week? Holy moly so much! 
Monday we went out west to the beach. We were just hanging out and taking pictures when we had a brilliant idea. We called the Zone Leaders and told them that Sister Collier had gone out on the dock to take a picture and was floating away. We said that there was no way we could get to her or she could get to us unless she swam to shore. Elder Peters totally bought it and gave her permission to swim to shore... hahahahahahah so basically we discovered how to get permission to swim on your mission. But I mean she wasn't actually on a dock so no swimming occured. But... when the zone leaders found out that it was all a joke they said they would get us back. Hence the light night phone call from the AP's on Friday. No worries... a prank war has begun and they shall pay :) Muahahaha. 
So after p-day ended, we went to dinner at the Smith's house. Man I love those people so much! Then we went and had a few adventures due to some forgotten keys and a lost cell phone... and taught a lesson and called it a night! 
Tuesdays are usually so spiritual and good and full of lessons and teaching, and this Tuesday was too! Just nothing eventful happened so I'm not going to talk about it. haha. 
Wednesday was zone meeting. Best zone meeting ever. Seriously. First of all, President Brown sat in on it. Which made it awesome. Secondly, we have the best zone leaders ever and they were so inspired last week. I'd been praying about a few different things relating to both the mission and just my life in general for a few weeks, and they answered both of my questions without even meaning to in a matter of minutes. God is good, you guys. And He really does answer prayers through other people, including ourselves, without us even realizing it. Those elders had no idea that I'd been praying about those things and seeking an answer for so long, and they had no idea that the things they were saying would be the answer to my prayers. But Heavenly Father worked through them to help me... and I'm so grateful for that. So that was why zone meeting was so good. But also, Sister Rampersad and I had to teach for the first twenty minutes. Which was terrifying to begin with, because it's the whole zone. And there's this thing called I've been on a mission for about as long as a summer vacation lasts. Which isn't very long. And then to add to all of that, there's the whole thing called our mission president was there. So that was only insanely intimidating. But anyways, we taught on the importance of working with members and I only forgot how to talk like twice. So I guess it all worked out in the end... hahaha. 
Thursday we spent a while doing service for Lisa and Andrew. We blew up approximately 50,000 balloons for their wedding and I almost blacked out in the process. Like there was black around my vision and I had to sit down because I forgot to breathe in between balloons. Weekly advice from Sister Oman: Always remember to breathe or you black out. Oh well. We still had fun. We taught a bunch of lessons and found two new investigators! I'm so excited to teach them... they both are just such sweet ladies and I love them already! 
Friday we did our usual weekly planning. This week was uneventful though. And then we taught one lesson to a lady named Marguerite. Unfortunately, she only says like three words of english and we know maybe twelve words in creole, and our translator didn't show up... so the lesson was very short and consisted mostly of us telling her Jesus loves her and wants her to be happy. (Mostly because that was what we knew how to say in creole hahah.) Then we went and did yet more service for Lisa and Andrew. We helped them decorate the church for their reception. We left for a few hours to teach another two lessons and run to do some immigration work, and then we came back to the church to attend the wedding reception!!! It was so fun and we met so many awesome people. Woohoo for referrals! Then we headed home and did the usual night time stuff. (AKA planning, laughing and running around the house for an hour and then crashing in our beds at 10:30). Friday was a little interrupted because of the infamous Abaco phone call, but it's all good. 
Saturday morning, we got ready and then hung nervously around the phone for about 10 kabillion years until we got our transfer calls. Then we did studies and headed out the door. We spent all morning at Brother Curry's funeral. His family was just distraught... It made me so sad that they haven't accepted the gospel that he did! When they do accept this gospel, it will be such a joyous day... what's up plan of salvation?? 
We spent all afternoon at Lisa and Andrew's wedding!!! They're married!!!! YAY!!!!! Lisa rented a camera and asked me to shoot the wedding. No pressure or anything. I basically was just stressed for like four hours. But I think the pictures turned out okay :) We taught some lessons and called it a night! 
Sunday, Andrew finally got baptized!!!!!!!!! It was such a big weekend for that family! I am just so happy for them. Even though Andrew wasn't technically our investigator (they live in the other sisters' area), I have just grown to love them so much and I am so happy for the amazing progress they are making together. I've loved seeing them grow in the gospel over these last three months!! We spent all afternoon going around to visit people so Sister Rampersad could say goodbye, and that was that! 
We dropped off Sister Rampersad and Sister Collier at the airport this morning and they're in Jamaica by now! The power was out all over the island so that's why we're emailing so late today... sorry Mom :) 
I've been studying a lot about faith this week. I've realized more and more that having faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father literally gives us power to do anything. I mean, the scriptures say if you have faith enough, you will be able to move literal mountains. So that's huge. But there's something President Brown told me a few weeks ago that's made me think a lot... there's a difference between having faith and being faithful. We can have faith for just like a few seconds and then it's gone. But if we are faithful, we have a consistent and sure knowledge that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there and they will not forsake us. Being faithful is what brings us happiness in this life and in the life to come. Being faithful is what eliminates all doubt and worry from our lives. We all should just press forward with an eye single to the glory of God always, and we'll all make it! And even better... we'll find joy in every step of the journey! Heavenly Father loves us all so much and there's so much we all have to be grateful for. And hen we have faith... we need not fear! 
"Fear not, little flock, the kingdom is yours until I come." -Doctrine and Covenants 35:27
I love you all! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!! 

Sister Oman 
Arden!!! We're best friends. I love this girl so much. 

Andrew's baptism! This family... ahhh I just love them! 

You guys. I'm in the most beautiful place in the entire world. This is literally ten minutes from our house.

Saying goodbye to Sister Rampersad at the airport this morning... I'm going to miss her so much!! 

Sister Woolf was the most excellent photography assistant at the wedding on Saturday :) 

Sometimes we help our investigators take out their weave. It's service, ya know?