Thursday, February 12, 2015

I take Vacations in Kingston

Hey everyone :)
Okey dokey let's do this whole email thing (again!) Good grief it feels like I email every other day now... time is flying by so fast.
Well this week started off with an adventure! I had just climbed into bed Monday night when I realized I forgot to plug my fan in. So I hopped out of bed to plug it in and a saw a really long, worm lookin shadow moving across the floor. I jumped on a chair and turned on the light and what do you know there was a 40-legger in our closet. Seeing as I'm really stinking terrified of 40 leggers, I stood on the chair and refused to move for a while until I realized if neither of us were moving, the thing would just stay where it was. So I ran out into the front room and grabbed the broom, and then good ol' Sister Llewellyn beat it repeatedly till it was just about dead. I finished it off and then we had no more 40-leggers in our house. Hallelujah.
Hmmmmm other adventures from this week included a lost name tag. Oh dear. I was in Kingston (which I shall talk about in a few minutes), and we were coming out of a lesson when all of the sudden Saskiah, the member we were with, was like "Sister Oman! I knew something was different. Where's your nametag?" We looked alllllll over the place and saw it no where. But then later that night I found the magnet in a random house so who knows where my nametag went? Thankfully I have another one... but if anyone's in Kingston and they see a nametag with my name on it, I'd like it back haha.
Okay so I was in Kingston this week for a while on another trade-off! I got to be with Sister Thompson and we had a blast. We made some delicious Jamaican food, talked to a bunch of awesome people, and had some fantastic lessons! I love Kingston. I would just die of happiness if I ever got to serve there... a girl can dream, right?
You remember the guy David I've been talking about? We're teaching his friend James too. James is a hardcore rasta man with a sick Santa beard and some sweet white dreadlocks. He came to church yesterday and he loved it. He told us he's coming every week from now on annddddd he's reading the Book of Mormon every day anndddddd he's really praying about everything! He told us in the last lesson we had that he really feels like it's the word of God, and if he gets his for sure answer he wants to be baptized. (He said if, I say when he gets his answer he shall be baptized.)
But you guys. Here's a lesson for ya'll. James came to church for the first time yesterday. As I just mentioned. Which should mean that the only members he knows are the ones that we've taken to lessons with him, right? But noooo. Literally three quarters of the ward knows him! You guys. He's known some of these people for over 20 years, and they've been a member of the church for that long and he didn't know they went here! This man could have been partaking of the blessings of the gospel years and years and years ago but none of his friends took the time to share their testimonies with him... it's really shown me how important it is to share my testimony with everyone. You never know who could be waiting to hear it :)
Well let's see. We were in a lesson this week and the investigators had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation. Every question they had, Alma 40 just kept popping into my head. So we just all turned to it and read the whole chapter and every single question they had was answered! The Book of Mormon is true and guess what? It really does have answers for anything and everything!
I had my interview with President Brown on Saturday and we were talking about what it takes to get to the Celestial Kingdom. We were talking about how a lot of times we focus on the "do's" of the gospel... like the saving ordinances. And a lot of times, we get so caught up in the "do's" that we forget about the "be's". He said something that's really stuck with me... Christ gave us the beatitudes, not the doatitudes. That means in order to get to live with Heavenly Father, we not only have to do the things in the gospel, but we have to be the kind of person that is worthy to live as God lives. It really impressed me and made me realize how much I have to work on in order to get back to God. Thank heavens He's given us so many second chances and especially His son so that we have a way to make it better when we goof up! Cuz I don't know about ya'll... but I seem to goof up a lot more than not. And that just makes me so so so so so grateful for the Atonement!
Well I think that just about does it for this week. I love you all. Your emails and letters mean so much to me. Thank you for your support and prayers. It all makes a world of difference!
Talk to you next week (or tomorrow... that's probably what it'll feel like haha.)
Sister Oman

I have created a very little cozy spot for myself in our bedroom. It's my sanctuary. It's almost like being home. 

This is Nordia. I love Nordia.
 That's sister Llewellyn with Nordia. 

I love adorable little children more than words can express. They make my heart happy :) 

A typical street in my area!

Me and Sister Davis (she's my favorite. I love her)

These mangos will be ripe in a few weeks.  Yummy!  Yummy!

I had chicken foot soup for the first time yesterday and it was surprisingly delicious!

This is Sister Coates, a member we've been working with lately. She's just darling :)

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