Monday, October 27, 2014

Where did the last 6 months go?

Hey guys! Guess what I realized this week? The Church is true!! Well... I mean I already knew it, but I just had so many experiences this week that just kept confirming and strengthening my testimony!! I love missions :) 
This email is going to be another one of those random jumbled mess of stories kind of emails. I apologize in advance.
This week started off pretty great! President Brown gave Sister Bailey and I permission to go see the Saunders family, who were here on vacation! It was so awesome to see some familiar faces from home :) So that was a great way to start off the week! 
We were in downtown Monday afternoon, just walkin along looking at the shops and enjoying some music on the steel drums when all of the sudden I felt like I needed to stop walking. We both stopped walking and seconds later a van raced by. The driver had lost control and the van was way up on the sidewalk. If we would have kept walking... no more Sister Oman or Sister Bailey! It was a really good experience to show me that Heavenly Father really does watch over us! I've been so grateful this last week that both Sister Bailey and I were living worthily of the Holy Ghost's companionship so we could be protected.
We found a few new investigators this week, and I LOVE THEM! They're three brothers and man they just seem so prepared! We get so excited every time we go teach them... I love teaching people that seem to grasp the importance of the message we're sharing!! 
We were on a mini trade off Thursday morning (which also happened to be my six month mark- woohoo!). Sister Judd and I went to see our recent convert Wilkins, and as we were leaving the house  Wilkins spotted his friend Jimmy. Jimmy is also a recent convert who just so happens to be less active. And it just so happens we haven't been able to find Jimmy for like three weeks. So naturally, we wanted to talk to him. Guess what? Jimmy doesn't want to talk to us. This is what happened: 
It's pouring rain. There's tons of cars on the road, and huge potholes everywhere. Which means there's tons of puddles. Sister Judd and I are the only white people on the whole street, which means we're already getting quite a few looks. All of the sudden, I take off running after Jimmy. I'm sure I looked like a sight because I'm like jumping over potholes and ducking around parked cars. I look back and Sister Judd is still standing there with Wilkins. I just yell, "JUDD! COME ON!" and keep running. She takes off running too. So now there's two soaking wet white girls in really long skirts running down the street in the pouring rain. Literally every single person on the street (except Jimmy) stopped to look at us. I'm pretty sure even the cars slowed down to stare. Haha. We got to the end of the road, and Jimmy had disappeared. So we did all that running for nothing. But it was a really good adventure and we had a lot of good laughs afterwards so it was all worth it :) We'll find Jimmy soon, I'm sure of it. Haha. 
We had to make a quick trip to the airport to bring an Elder some food during his layover to Jamaica. On the way, our car started making funny sounds. Now, the airport is wayyyyyyy in the middle of no where so we were mighty concerned. We pulled over and started freaking out... but then we got out of the car and realized a stick was stuck in our tire. Lesson learned: don't freak out until you know the whole situation. Haha. 
We were at the church helping out with the chapel cleaning Saturday night. We were outside taking some trash to the garbage, when we notice a giant light in the clouds. All of the sudden, it changes colors. Then it disappears. Then it comes back! It did that like five times. We decided it was probably a UFO or a signal for a new superhero or something so we ran into the church and announced it to everyone. A bunch of people came out to check it out... and embarrassing moment of the week: it was a spotlight from a party. But you know, it was still cool looking. So yeah. 
Last night, we had our missionary fireside! We've been planning it for a long time now... and it went so well! We realized that most of the members here have the desire to share the gospel, but they aren't really sure how. So we had a whole fireside on how to talk to your friends about the gospel and why we share the gospel and all of that good stuff. We had way more people show up then we were expecting, and a bunch of members bore really good testimonies at the end! It was so cool! I love the members here :) 
And now, for my new favorite quote: 
"You have a knowledge of your divine origin. You have full awareness of your divine destiny. I invite you to rise to the divinity within you and to live not for the moment but rather for the eternities." -Elder Keith K Hilbig 
I love this! I found it during studies a few days ago, and I've just been thinking about it ever since. The article was all about how we should focus on becoming the person God sees us as versus just staying the person we see our self as. It made me think... as missionaries, we're constantly working with people who don't know where they came from, why they're here, or where they're going. But good news! We know the answers to all of those questions! And we can see just a little bit more of their potential then they can... which is why it's so important for us to help them! I love seeing the looks on people's faces when something in the gospel just clicks. It's like they just light up and little by little they start to become the person God wants them to be, right before our very eyes. I love this work. I can't wait to see where the next year takes me! I never want to leave my mission. 
Well I hope that made sense. I love you all! Have a good week :) 
That's all for now folks. 
Sister Oman 

I found people from Montrose on our island! Woohoo! 

Halloween Party Pics

Us missionaries decorated the whole church in twenty minutes. doesn't it look sweet!?

Our branch Halloween party was on Friday, and it was so fun! We decided to be superheroes. Aren't our costumes... mediocre? (I mean, there's only so much you can do for a costume when you have to be in proselyting clothes. Haha.) 

Our little table of missionary supplies from our fireside last night!

Our missionary fireside last night was a capital S-U-C-C-E-S-S  success. :) 

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