Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do you know where we are?

Hey guys! 
Not gonna lie... I have absolutely no idea what to write about this week... so we'll see how this goes! 
Monday we had plans to go to the beach, so we drove to Paradise Island, bought the traditional one dollar slushies, anddddddd just as we were walking to the beach the sky opened up and dumped the entire ocean on our heads. So no beach day for us, but we got to go puddle jumping so that was good :) 
We got to sit on skype for EIGHT HOURS on Tuesday to have a training meeting with missionaries in Jamaica... man let me tell you. I am so excited to go to Jamaica! Getting to be in meetings actually in person versus sitting next to a computer monitor all day really just sounds super exciting :) Transfer calls are this week... we'll see where I am next week! 
We were street contacting in a new area of the island this week when these two guys called us over to talk to us... we were a little wary at first until this sweet little lady called us over too. We went over to talk to her and she said right as we walked up she'd just finished praying and asking God to show her which church she should join! She said us showing up right then was a really good sign, and I'm so excited to get to work with her some more! 
Also, walking is a lot different then driving. I don't know why, but we ALWAYS get lost when we walk places. Even if we're walking to the exact same place we always drive to. We just get lost. And that leads to us asking each other every three seconds, "Do you know where we are?" Usually the answer is no. Thank heavens we live on an island small enough that if you walk for five minutes you always get back to somewhere you recognize. Haha.
Friday was Sister Bailey's birthday! We got ice cream and partied it up (missionary style) with balloons and streamers and party hats. It was a jolly good time. 
I finished the Book of Mormon again this week! Second time on my mission so far! With one year left... I'm excited to see how many more times I can read it on my mission! Every time I read that book, I just get a stronger and stronger witness of its truthfulness. There really is no denying the Book of Mormon- to deny the Book of Mormon is to deny Christ. And since He lives and is our Savior, the Book of Mormon must be true!
We were in a lesson, and a little girl was praying... she said "Thank you for putting clothes on our shoes" and then proceeded to laugh so hard she fell off her stool and started hiccuping. Man I love little kids. They're my favorite. 
We were driving to an appointment when we accidentally ended up in a parade. A parade of beauty queens that is. So yes, we are officially Nassau beauty queens. You can get our autographs in about one year. Until then, we'll have to stick with the whole missionary thing :) 
Another time, we had just finished a lesson on a porch when fifteen teenage boys run by. We were trying to figure out what was going on, and one of them came up to the house. Turns out some guy had just taken some ladies phone and they were all trying to get it back. Dasilia ran out of the house to find out what was going on, and in her broken english started yelling "Thief! Thief! Kill him, kill him!" She then started laughing so hard that she almost collapsed... and we all started laughing so hard we started crying. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! This week, I learned that laughing is vital. Literally. If you don't laugh, you'll probably die. There's only one way to get through trials and life in general... and that's to laugh! I love laughing. 
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how mindful Heavenly Father truly is of me. I mean, I'm just this little 20 year old missionary. I haven't done much with my life that's noteworthy in the eyes of the world. But the Lord doesn't see me the way the world sees me. He loves me with an infinite, perfect love-- something I most certainly do not deserve, but something that I'm eternally grateful to have. No matter what I'm facing, what trials are thrown my way, or what questions I have, I know I can turn to Him- and He'll listen! He hears me even when my feelings can't be expressed in words. He knows the innermost pleadings of my heart- and He's just waiting to help me! I just have to do my best to follow Him and the example of His son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I certainly do not deserve any of the blessings I've received over my life, but especially over the last six months. What they told us in the MTC was right-- I was in debt to Him when I left home, but I'm so much more in debt to Him now! I love my mission :) Even when it's harder than I could ever imagine, I know that I'm not alone- and that makes all the difference. This work is the most important thing any of us can ever do, and I've begun to realize being a missionary won't stop when I come home... I've just begun to do my part to help the work move forward, and it's far too much work to do in 18 months! I want to serve my Heavenly Father for the rest of my life... he's given me everything I have, and the only way to show my gratitude for that is by sharing the blessings of this gospel with everyone I know! 
Oh yes, and my new favorite scripture: 
"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." -Luke 12:32 
I love you all, have a great week! Make it the best one yet!!! 
Sister Oman 

An ant nest outside of the church

Sister Dill & I

Sister Bailey and I with our dollar slushies...right before the rain soaked us straight through. 

We tried to go to the beach and it rained us out!

At the dock after the rain dumped on us!

I love the sky here!!

Oh the sky!  I love the sky. Every day, I look up and just say a little prayer of gratitude for the sky. It's gorgeous, and Heavenly Father created it just for us! 

Sister Bailey and I

Wilkins, a recent convert!

Sister Bailey's birthday party in our living room!

The beauty queen parade we accidentally became a part of, 

Me with some of my favorite kids, Dashanda (the eleven year old i talked about last week), and Victoria (Linda's little sister and our investigator)

I've decided to try a new style.  Like my hat?

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