Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seeing through God's Eyes

Hey ya'll :) 
This week was a learning week. It started off really hard because we thought our top investigator was hiding from us and it was pretty much breaking our hearts. But then we ran into her during the week, and turns out she's been working a ton of hours and her phone broke so she didn't know how to reach us. We set up a time to go see her when she wouldn't be working and as we walked away I felt like I was walking on the clouds... it's the best feeling ever when people really do want to meet with you because they know the gospel is true! 
We had trade-offs this last week on Saturday. I got to stay in Old Harbour with Sister Shaffer, and Sister Tebo went to Kingston for the day with Sister Williams! Trade-offs are always fun. It's good to get to teach with someone other than your regular companion every once in a while... I always learn so much. This trade-off I learned a lot about planning and prayers :) 
I've been praying a lot lately and asking for an eternal perspective when I meet people. I know I still have a long ways to go, but over this last week I've seen my prayers answered in many ways. I've started to be able to look past the little things that used to hold me back when talking to people on the street. I had a really cool experience yesterday when teaching a lesson... we were talking to a man about the Book of Mormon, and as we were teaching, it was so easy for me to picture him in the temple with his family. I know that God answers prayers and helps us to see through His eyes if we truly seek for that. I've been so blessed over the course of my mission to be able to get just a glimpse of how God views me, how He views you, how He feels all of us... and you guys, let me tell you. If the tiny little glimpse that I've had is this wonderful, than I can never even come close to imagining how much God loves us and how much He wants us to reach our full potential one day. 
I love what Elder Palmer said in his testimony yesterday about praying with real intent. Basically he was saying how when we pray with real intent, we are promised that we will get an answer. He said, "If you're not getting your answer, it's because God is testing you to see if you truly want to know." I took that to heart and applied that in my nightly prayers last night and let me tell you it's true!! If we just wait and sit for a while during our prayers, an outpouring of personal revelation comes... God just wants to make sure we really want the knowledge we're asking for. 
Prayers are answered. God is real. Jesus Christ suffered and died for each one of us individually, and we can turn to Him no matter what. We can never go too far to be out of the reach of God's love. I know that is true. 
I love you all. 
Sister Oman 

We put our ponderize verses on the fridge and I learned so much this week! (If you have no idea what ponderizing  is, check out this talk: )

Lunch at brother thomas's! 

Brother Thomas made Sister Tebo drink nonni juice... i'll tell you about it sometime. suffice it to say, it's basically the liquid from rotting fruit. it's disgusting. i have it all on video and i will show you when i get home hehe

Sister Tebo trying not to throw up after she drank it (yes, it's that bad. I've been there before) 

Sister Shaffer and i on trade off!

Sister Tebo had her one month mark on Friday! So of course we celebrated with brownies. 

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