Sunday, November 1, 2015

18 Months and Flying Bag Juice

Hey everyone :)

This week we were walking on the road at the same time school had just let out. So there were a ton of high school students on the sidewalk with us. For some reason, one of them decided it would be funny to throw a bag juice at us. It hit Sister Tebo's shoulder, and then bounced off and soaked my leg. We just ignored it and kept walking until we got out of sight and then stopped to clean up. I'm not going to lie, at first I was a bit annoyed. But then I started to think about everything that Christ went through for us, and I realized that having a bag juice thrown at us really isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things. So that was an adventure.
We went to an appointment with our investigator and we were talking about prayer. She shared an amazing story with us. She said that when she woke up this morning, there was no food in the house, and no money to buy food. She and her daughter were the only ones home, so she knelt down and said a prayer. She told God that they were really hungry and they had no money to buy food. She asked Him to please help her and her daughter get something to eat that day. Then she got up and went about her morning routine. She went outside for a little bit, and when she came back in she saw $100 sitting on the bed. (That's a little less than a dollar at home.) It was just enough to buy a little food for her and her daughter. When she told us about it, she was almost in tears because she was so grateful to God for answering her prayer. Nobody else was home... she still doesn't know where the money came from, but she does know it was an answer to her prayer. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to hear amazing, testimony building experiences of others every day.
Friday was my 18 month mark! I can't believe it's been a year and a half already!!! It's just a surreal feeling. Anyways... Friday morning, we went for a run right when we woke up. When we got home, I went in the bathroom for a minute. When I came back out, Sister Tebo was standing with her back to me by the kitchen counter. I started to say something, and all of the sudden she whips around and lets out what sounded like a Native American war cry, and then next thing you know I'm covered in flour. Thank you, Sister Tebo. I love being covered in flour before 7:15 in the morning. Haha. I joke. It was a fun surprise. :)
We had EIGHT people at church on Sunday!!! Woohoo!!! I was looking around in Gospel Principles class, and I was like "We're teaching her, and her, and him, and him... and wow! Half the class is our investigators!" It's a great thing to see those you love choose to do the right thing.
You know what else is a great feeling? When the people you're teaching start teaching others about the things they're learning. We have a couple different investigators that are just on fire with sharing the gospel. They're inviting their friends to lessons with us, telling them what they learn with us, and bringing people to church with them. I love it. It makes my heart happy :)
Well I think that's it for this week!! These weeks go by so fast I never know what to say in my emails.
But anyways. I love you all :) Have a superb week!!
Sister Oman
M.S.G. on your food anyone?!?

The skies!!  It's like Lion King, everyday!  Ha Ha

Kenisha!  She came to church yesterday.  She was able to get the day off from her job at KFC. 

I made the world's best pasta salad last week so I thought I'd share. 

Sister Tebo floured me to celebrate my 18 months mark!!!  Sneaky Girl!!1

Our dinner on Friday night.  I'm grateful for members who feed us!!

We taught Young Women's at church yesterday.  I love these girls!!!

This is Sister Tebo and I during our studies!!!


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