Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rainy Days and General Conference

It finally rained this week!!!! Several times :) It was so nice. The rain cools everything off and cleans everything up! I love days after it rains because the earth just looks shiny and new again. It hadn't rained in Old Harbour in approximately an eternity so it was a very big blessing :) 
I learned an important lesson this week: Never ask a guy on the street to take a picture with you because he will try to hold your hand and you'll turn into a very awkward missionary who jerks your hand away and then tries to teach him the restoration while he's laughing up a storm. Confused? Let me explain. 
We were walking down the road when I saw a tshirt that looked vaguely like a BYU tshirt. Now, I've never see anything BYU related except for on missionaries while I've been on my mission so I got very excited. And when I get excited, there goes my common sense. Before I knew what I was doing, I had blurted out "That's my school!! Can I take a picture with you?" He looked a little confused at first but then agreed... and that's when he tried to hold my hand. Oops. Lesson learned and duly noted. 
We had one of the best zone meetings I've ever had on my entire mission this last week. Everything was well planned and it was just so inspiring. Plus we had a really cool experience with President Brown during the meeting. Sister Tebo and I were role playing with him, practicing how to help one of our investigators come to know the Book of Mormon was true. The entire time, it's like questions just popped into my head to ask him and even though it was a role play, I knew it was the Holy host helping us to understand our investigator's real concerns. We learned so much from that role play. I love role plays :) Even if they are awkward sometimes. I've learned to embrace the awkward and love it throughout my mission! 
Zone meeting went long this week. Normally it ends at two, but this time it ended at three. We were a little frustrated at first because we would miss our first appointment for the day. We ended up getting pizza and eating at the chapel after zone meeting before heading back to Old Harbour. By the time we got to Old Harbour, it was pretty late and we didn't have much time to proselyte. We went to a few appointments and were heading home when I just felt like maybe we should go down a road that we don't normally travel on. We got to the bottom of the road and were saying goodbye to the member that had come teaching with us when a man stopped to talk to us. He was crying and obviously a little drunk, so I honestly almost just dismissed it and kept walking. But something told us to stay and listen so we did and he was telling us about how a family member had been killed in a bus accident earlier that day. Two cool things: 
1. The Lord put this man in our path so we could share a message of the Plan of Salvation with him. After we talked to him for a minute, he had significantly calmed down and was thanking us for sharing the Plan of Salvation with him. 
2. Because zone meeting had ended an hour later that day, we were on the bus an hour later. As we listened, it became very apparent that we would have been on the same bus his family member had been killed on had zone meeting ended at two o'clock instead of three. The Lord protects his missionaries. I know that's true. 
Funny moment! Here, they sell something called bag juice. It's basically cheap kool aid in a bag that you can drink. Well they also sell bag water, which is water in a bag. This week, Sister Tebo asked me what flavor the clear bag juice is. After I laughed for a while, I explained it was water. Then we both laughed for a while haha. 
I love General Conference. This weekend was amazing. I came with a list of questions I needed answers to. Some of them I didn't see how they would be directly answered in conference, but I prayed that somehow I would find the answers I need. And every single question was answered. Especially as Robert D. Hales talked, it was like he was just talking directly to me. I know the Lord inspires His servants to teach us the things we need to hear. I love and sustain all the general authorities of this church. The church is true!! 
And to close off this crazy long email, my favorite quote from our dear, dear prophet Thomas S. Monson: "Abiding faith becomes an anchor to our lives." 
I love you all!! Have a splendid week :) 
Sister Oman 
Jamaica.  How I love it!!

I love Jamaican Sunsets, everyday!

We went to a fun restaurant in between sessions of General Conference on Saturday with our district... it was super fun!

Sister Pinnock came along for lunch.  I love that lady!!

Rainy Days=Umbrellas

The man with the BYU Shirt.  Ha Ha

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