Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teaching the Gospel is Fun to Do!!

Hey guys :)
This week I fell in love with Jamaica all over again. I never want to leave this lovely little island. Also, I forgot to write in my journal for a lot of this week (oops), so this email may be a little all over the place.
We started off the week by going to Hellshire beach and relaxing for our p-day. It was mucho lovely. I love Portmore. Also I love the ocean. We had a lovely little talk with a friendly rasta man (his locks were CRAZY long!) and got ourselves some nice little souvenirs.
We taught several lessons under coconut trees this week. I don't know why I felt the need to tell you all that, but let me tell ya. I love teaching lessons under coconut trees. It's like teaching a normal lesson but with the added suspense of not knowing if a coconut is going to fall on your head at any moment. It makes lessons kind of suspenseful. Haha just kidding but seriously I love coconut trees.
Okay so we've been so blessed this week with new investigators. We had at least one new investigator almost every day this week... which doesn't happen often. But we were talking about it and we know it's just because Heavenly Father really does answer prayers... and He always answers them in His own time! But anyways we're so excited to start working with these people that we met... we'll see what happens from here!
At district meeting this week, we were talking about how to have a more uplifting revelatory experience at church, both for ourselves and for the people that we work with... and as I was pondering it later, I realized that every time I have a really positive experience at church it's because I have a specific question I'm looking for an answer to or I have a specific decision I'm trying to make. So I made a goal to spend a little time every Saturday night to write down a question or two I'll listen for answers to the next day. I tried it out at church on Sunday and man! It was such a good day at church. I'm definitely going to do that every week now.
Also, tomorrow is the 173 anniversary of the day Relief Society was founded! Isn't that super cool? It's one of the world's largest and oldest women's organizations... and it's a part of the church! But anyways yesterday at church we had a little thing celebrating it... we had a special sacrament meeting about relief society and the oldest member of the ward, who can't see or walk anymore but still comes to church every single week, bore her testimony of relief society and I think almost every single person in the chapel was in tears. It was amazing. And then after church we had cake to celebrate! (See, I told you it was a good church day! Haha.)
Almost all the taxi drivers in Portmore know us now, and they all fight to have us in their car every time we get to the taxi stand. Finally, yesterday we had to explain to them that telling us that we know them so we should take their taxi won't work every time because we know all of them... so now they're being a lot more calm when we get to the taxi stand. Goodness gracious people. Haha.
In short, I fall in love with these people, this culture, and this life more and more every day. Every day brings new experiences and new testimony builders. I know that this church is true... I thought I knew that when I came out on my mission, but I'm realizing that I really knew nothing when I first started... and that just makes me so much more aware of how much I still have to learn! I'm grateful for the opportunity that we're given to learn new things every day :) Isn't it great?
I love you all. You rock. Have a great week!
Sister Oman

Hellshire beach! 


Sometimes Heavenly Father really blesses you with a companion that you get along with 24/7 and it feels like you're serving with your best friend. this transfer is one of those times. i am so blessed. i love sister Tafuna:) 

The cutest little future sister missionary you ever did see. I love that little girl. She and her momma come out teaching with us sometimes and it's a blast!

And this little girl reminds me of Lyssie when she was younger... just the way she acts. Plus she loves Elmo so that's always a plus in my book;) 

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