Saturday, May 3, 2014

It doesn't snow in Jamaica!!

Hey everyone!
I loved getting all your emails and letters this week... Thanks so much! I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone individually. I have so much to say in this email, and I don't have much time... so sorry if it doesn't make any sense. Haha.
This last week was one of the best, most difficult weeks of my entire life. I love the MTC!
Saturday we had our first gym time... ahh so fun! I was so glad to have a break from sitting all day.
I also was kind of having a rough day on Saturday... so I asked Elder Larson for a blessing and it was amazing! Definitely what I needed.
Sunday was seriously one of the best days of my life. Sister McConkie (first counselor in the young women's general presidency) came to teach in relief society... and I loved what she said! "So many of us fall to doubts when they are mere shadows in comparison to the light of the gospel." LOVE IT!
We got to go on a walk around temple grounds... it was beautiful! I love the temple. That night, we had our devotional. Stephen B. Allen talked, and it was so cool! he talked about how the fate of generations relies on my knowledge that I can do this through the strength of the Lord. I'd never thought about it like that... It really made me want to work harder!!
Monday we started teaching our first TRC investigator. Her name is rachel and she's just the cutest little thing in the entire world. I love her so much... And we committed her to baptism!! So that was super duper exciting. :)
It snowed on Tuesday! What. The. Heck. It was so cold, and all sister mouritsen and I have for clothes are like summer clothes for Jamaica so we basically froze our poor little toes off all day. But its okay... because D. Todd Christofferson came to talk to us!! He talked about trust, and how we need to both trust God and live so he can trust us too. I love what he said about missions: we were indebted to God when we left, and we'll be even deeper in debt when we get back. AHHH so true. My new goal for my mission came from his talk... I want to be able to say that the Lord approves of ME, my MISSION, and my SERVICE.
Wednesday we met the new district in our zone... ahh i love them all so much!! They're so awesome!
Wednesday was also kind of a hard day for me... I was feeling like my progression and learning had kind of stopped and we had a rough lesson with an investigator, so I was feeling pretty down and alone. But then i remembered what Holland said
 about the Lord... "He is there. He does love us. And when we weep, he and the angels of heaven weep with us." Definitely a blessing to have that brought to my remembrance right when I needed it!! We also went to the TRC that night and read the Book of Mormon with Rachel... it was so powerful, and it made me so happy to be a member of this church!!
Thursday was in field orientation. Basically we went to one room ALL DAY and learned how to work with members and fill out different types of paperwork and stuff. It was actually way more fun than it sounds! haha! Last night, Sister Mouritsen was sick, so we missed our TRC... but Brother Dopp got to work one on one with me and i feel like it improved my teaching so much! I'm really trying to focus on teaching people, and not just reciting the lessons... it's been a challenge!
I feel like my understanding of the Book of Mormon has gone up like fifty kabillion times since I've been here. I LOVE THAT BOOK!! You should all especially read 2 Nephi 31. IT IS AMAZING!
today we got to go to the temple because it's our pday... there is no better way to start off your friday than in the temple!!
Sister Jeppson and I are like best friends now too... we might live together after our missions. She's going to idaho too :) We have nightly powwows on the couch outside our room and just laugh and laugh and laugh. Last night's powwow included chips and salsa (thanks mom!) and we laughed so hard the salsa came out of our noses. OUCH! (Too much information? sorry :)
Sorry I haven't replied to all of everyone's dear elders and letters!!! I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU PEOPLE!! I've just been ridiculously busy :) Hopefully I can catch up today!
Thanks holly and tom for the candy, and tell Addie I loved her picture and card! So cute :)
Grandma KC- thanks for the package! It was perfect!!
Momma and Daddy--- ahhh you guys are the best! The stuff you've sent me is seriously exactly what I needed and I just love you! (Mom... the elders in my zone love you so much for sending those cookies. They loved them!!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER!!!!!! I know it's late... sorry!
I love you all!!! I'll try to send pics but it might not work again.
The CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!
Being a missionary is the best thing I've ever done with my life.
Love you bunches! Sorry if this made no sense :)

Sister Oman 

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