Sunday, April 27, 2014

MTC-Week #1

Hey guys! 
I dreamed last night that I got to email you guys, and I was so glad when I woke up this morning to realize that today is my P-Day already so I got to talk to you!! 
The MTC is great!!! I am absolutely in love with this place. The minute I walked in, I was overcome by a feeling of peace and happiness... I know that this is exactly where I need to be :) 
Wednesday after we got here, we got our name tags, dropped our bags off in our rooms, and immediately started class. It was crazy busy, but it was really good because it distracted me from missing all of you :) 
We didn't get to go back to our rooms until 9:30 that night, and lights out is at 10:30, so trying to unpack and get ready for bed and plan for the next day and stuff was a little hectic but that's okay!! 
My companion is Sister Mouritsen.... YAY!!! I just love her so much! We have basically everything in common, and we are constantly laughing. Seriously, it feels like we've known each other forever. I think it probably helped (a lot) that we already knew each other before the MTC (yay facebook!), and it was so awesome that we got to meet her and her family outside the temple before we went into the MTC on Wednesday! She and I are really on the same level spiritually, so it's super helpful when we're preparing lessons :)
Speaking of lessons, we're already teaching our first (fake) investigator this evening after dinner! I know... it's pretty crazy. We met him yesterday, and he is super cool! We're teaching him about prayer and the restoration this afternoon... hopefully :) I'll let you know how that goes! 
Sister Mouritsen and I were assigned to be sister training leaders yesterday for our zone... less than 48 hours into my mission and I already have an assignment like that! It's pretty crazy haha. That basically means we're sorta like the relief society presidents (i guess?) over the sisters in our district and one other district. I'm senior companion for now, but we're going to switch off next Wednesday to just kind of get a feel for being both junior and senior companion before we're in the field. 
Speaking of our district, ahhhh it's just the best!! We have four sisters and two elders, and I just love them all so much! We all get along great. I don't have a picture with all of us yet, but we're going to take some this afternoon I think so I'll try to send that next week. 
Sister Mouritsen and I are companions, obviously :) We share a bedroom with the two other sisters in our district, Sister Fenn and Sister Jeppson. They're super fun :) 
The Elders in our district are Elder Larson and Elder Shumway... They're so fun and cool! We definitely got blessed with cool elders. 
Every day we wake up at 6:30, get ready by 7:00, eat breakfast, and then we're in class until noon. We get a half hour for lunch, and then we have class again until dinner at 5:00, and then we have class for three more hours after dinner. It's a lot of sitting and our exercise time hasn't started yet, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting to move around this afternoon! 
I feel like a completely different person already... it's so noticeable that the spirit is the teacher here, not us, and because of that, I've learned SO MUCH in the last forty eight hours. Way more than I ever thought I would!!!! 
I was reading in Enos yesterday for personal study, and I found verse 26... I don't remember exactly how it goes because I don't have my scriptures with me right now, but it really helped me figure out my purpose as a missionary. It said something like "I must preach and prophesy unto this people, and declare the word according to the truth which is in Christ." I realized that I'm here to teach, but I'm mostly here to let the spirit do the teaching, and my presence is just to help my investigators figure out what that spirit they're feeling really is. It went on to say "i have declared it in all my days, and have rejoiced in it above that of the world." That's officially my goal for my mission and my life... I want to be able to say when I see Heavenly Father again that I have declared His message in all my days, and I've rejoiced in it above everything else in this world. 
I love you guys!! I'll try to send another email with pictures, but no promises... the computer's being a little weird. 
The church is true! Christ lives, and He loves us more than we could ever comprehend. 
I love you guys so much, and I miss you so much!! Thank you for being so supportive of me and my mission.
Love you!!! 

Sister Oman (The name Sam already sounds weird to me haha... I'm so used to being called Sister oman already!!)

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  1. This message made me smile already! I am excited for you and all the neat, fun, and crazy adventures you'll be having. You are going to help a lot of people, but most importantly you will be helping yourself. You are going to grow so much!