Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm a Sista!

Hello from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas!
Yeah you read that right... Bahamas!!! Whatttt I'm in the best mission in the world.
We live in a pink house with red and green carpet and yellow tile. I guess it's time I realized i'm in the Carribean :)
Kay first off.... MTC wrap up!
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all kind of a blur of packing, class, laughter, goodbyes, and one fantastic blessing from Elder Shumway! (Thanks Elder!!)
Tuesday we woke up at 3:15 in the morning to catch our flight! Three flights later and we were in Kingston, Jamaica! (At 10:00 at night haha). We spent the night in the mission home, and woke up bright and early to go to transfers in Spanish Town. I found our I'd be serving in Nassau, and Sister Mouritsen is in Grand Cayman, so we ended up staying in Kingston one more night with the Sister Training leaders. We woke up bright and early (again) to go to the airport (again). One flight and two new investigators later (yay for sitting between two non members!), I was in Nassau! I met my trainer, Sister Rampersad, and the other two sisters we live with... Sisters Collier and Wilkonson. They're all great and I love them sooooo much!
We spend every morning studying since I'm in training (I have to do extra studies every day), and then we go out and teach all afternoon! Right now we're lacking in the investigator department since they all got baptized haha. But we're working on finding new ones!
Friday we had a mother's day party at the church. We had sooooo much food and it was delicious!! It's like mostly rice and beans and chicken and stuff but it's dang good rice and beans and chicken so that's cool :)
Saturday we taught all day, and then went to a baptism of one of the other sister's investigators and a baby shower! It was super fun!
Sunday I showed up to church, got asked to give a talk, and then was asked to teach relief society.... So welcome to the mission field sister oman! Hahaha. It's okay I love it. We spent most of the afternoon skyping (ahhh it was so good to talk to you family! I love you!), and then in the afternoon we went to see one of the people I met in the airport!! We went planning to get one new investigator, and we got three! Yay for families and yay for the gospel! They are super eager to learn. We're meeting with them again tonight.
Today we're going to the beach after we email... What's up bahamas?
People here are amazing! I love them... there's a crazy big wealth distribution on the island so there's super poor third world areas and super massive fancy beach houses too. We spend most of our time in a ghetto-ish area called Rockcrusher. Most of the people there know us, and they call me Sister Whitey haha (Cuz I'm so white. And they're not. I guess.. haha.) They speak a mixture of Creole, French, and broken english with terrible grammar. So I'm working on learning Creole and French! Right now we bring a translator with us to lessons but I hope to be able to do it on my own eventually.
My companion is amazing!! She's from trinidad and she's such a spaz but I am too so it's perfect :)
I've been proposed to twice since I got here... I guess the men really like white skin? I don't know haha I just laugh it off :)
The culture here is crazy different! We just kind of wander around houses yelling our investigators' names until they come out... there's no doors and people just kind of wander in and out of houses. But it's amazing!!
I've killed like six GIANT cockroaches and creepy centipede things since I got here... I'm pretty much a boss. Just kidding. But everyone calls me cavewoman oman since I like camping. I don't get it, but whatever :)
The members are amazing, the island is amazing, my investigators are amazing, and this work is amazing!
Even though I'm exhausted and sweaty and sore and sunburned and bug bitten all day every day, I've never been happier in my life.
The church is true like the book is blue!
I love this gospel and I love all of you! (Haha that was a mini poem:)
Love you all!! Hugs and kisses!!
Here's my new mailing address.  I love to hear from all of you!
Sister Samantha Oman
PO Box SS6360

Nassau, Bahamas

Sister Oman 

Here are some MTC Pics...Bahamas pictures coming next week!
Sister Oman and Sister Mouitsen

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