Monday, June 29, 2015

Walking, walking, walking...

Hey people!
So this week I learned a lot about walking haha. This week was another really slow week here in Old Harbour. It seemed like almost everyone we talked to was not interested in our message, and most of the members we tried to meet with were busy. So we learned a lot about trying to find creative ways to share the gospel with people. 
We helped someone pull vines off of a trash can and talked about the Book of Mormon. 
We told someone their keys were left in their front door and talked about eternal families.
We asked someone for water and talked about the sabbath day. 
And a lot more... wow we just walked a lot this week haha. 
We had zone conference on Thursday! It was so good. I know I say that about every zone conference, but I just feel like every time all of my prayers get answered in the space of five hours. It's a pretty great experience. We talked a lot about having love in the work, working with members, and building faith in everyone we work with (including ourselves). I had to give a talk on having love in missionary work. I really do not like speaking in front of people, but I love preparing talks because it always just motivates me to really do a lot of studying on that topic. So I studied love a lot last week, and I learned so much! Especially about Jesus Christ and how much love He shows to each one of us every day. I'm so grateful for that charity. 
Prayers are answered, people. Let me explain how I know that. When you're in a walking area, your shoes tend to wear out. Like they get holes in the soles and they get all ripped up. Which does not look very professional. And it's really hard to find good walking shoes in Old Harbour. So my lovely momma sent me some shoes. But she sent them like a really long time ago and letters and other mail that was sent way after them kept coming but no sign of the shoes. I was starting to get worried because quite frankly packages don't always show up. They just kind of get lost in the mail. So we prayed this last week that I would get them at zone conference... and they came! It was a miracle :) It's a silly little thing... but I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is mindful of my feet and answers prayers even when it's just about a pair of shoes. 
We had a lesson with a man who is an atheist yesterday. He says he's an atheist because he has a lot of questions that no church has been able to answer before. Every single question he had has an answer though... and those answers can be found in this church because it's the true church! We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he's going to read it. We're going to check back in a few days to see how that's going... he requested some time to read through it. We are so excited to work with him. As we were talking, he was telling us how his view of life is that you live,  you die, and then you cease to exist. We asked him what it would mean to him to know that he can be with his family for longer than just this lifetime... and he said it would mean a lot to him. I thought of a quote... it might be from Tad R. Callister maybe? He said, "With increased perspective comes increased motivation." Meaning that when we see more of the big picture, when we understand that our life didn't begin at birth and doesn't end at death, we have more desire to live righteously and treat others with respect because we know the relationships we build here on earth and the things we learn will last for eternity... not just eighty or so years and then everything just ends. 
Anyways. Sorry that was sort of random. 
Last up... I've been thinking a lot about something Albert Einstein said lately. He said, "Many of the things you can count, do not count. Many of the things you cannot count, really do count." Think about that. It's so true. We can't count most of the things in the gospel, and they're the things that matter most! 
Alright. I love you guys. You're the best!! Have a fantastic week!! 
Sister Oman 
Sister Bailey and I at zone conference! She goes home next week... how crazy is that? It seems like just yesterday she got to Nassau to serve with me and she'd only been out seven months. Time goes so fast here!! (Also... check out the intense tan lines on my feet! Yay for walking areas!! haha.)

Sister Slater and I

This is a bunch of us sisters at zone conference,

One of my favorite buildings here!

 I've developed a love for old abandoned buildings with vines growing on them. I think they're beautiful. I'm grateful Heavenly Father put me in a place with a lot of them. That's just one of the little reasons I love Old Harbour :) 

This is Kyrie! Kyrie is my favorite :) We had dinner at his house yesterday and he was pretty grumpy while his mom was trying to finish cooking. So I got to sit on the floor next to him and sing "I hope they call me on a mission" about ten thousand times. It was the only thing that would calm him down since we aren't allowed to hold him as missionaries! Anyways... I love that baby :)

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