Monday, June 29, 2015

Almond Trees and Missing Keys!

Hey ya'll!!
So first things first, we got transfer calls on Saturday! Sister Slater is leaving Old Harbour to go open a new area for sisters... and I'll be training a new sister! I don't know my new companion's name yet... I'll find out on Wednesday at transfer meeting. So that means I'll be staying in Old Harbour for at least another three months :) I'm so happy about that! 
We got Meet the Mormons in the mail a few weeks ago, and we've watched it soooo many times. I watched it one night before bed after planning, and then we watched it as a district for pday last week, and then we watched it with a family for family home evening last Monday. And then tonight we're watching it again for family home evening with some members and investigators! Good grief I'm going to have that movie memorized by the end of my mission haha. But it's super good! So if any of you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it :) 
We were walking along feeling rather hungry one day when we came across an almond tree. For those of you who don't know, almonds grow inside of a little fruit and then you have to crack open a hard shell to get to what we normally think of as an almond. So we ate the fruit off the outside and then we stopped in the middle of a field to crack open the shells to get the nuts. We were sitting in the field beating the shells with a huge rock when a police car pulled up and asked us if we were okay because we were beating something with a really big rock. Yes officer, we're fine. We were just hungry. Haha. Oops. 
Wednesday morning we were sitting at our desk in the study room doing companion study when our bedroom door blew shut. We didn't think anything of it until we were getting ready to leave for district meeting and we realized our bedroom door was locked... and the keys were inside of the bedroom. This presented a problem because we have bars on all of our windows and doors that are padlocked shut which means in order to leave our house we have to have keys. So we were locked inside of our house. We called our district leader... 
Us: "Hey, Elder Jones. We have a problem."
Him: "What's up?"
Us: "Um... we're locked inside of our house. Can you come help us get out?" 
While we were waiting for he and his companion to come figure out a way to get us out of our house, we tore apart our house looking for keys. We thankfully found a spare key to the padlock on our front grill, so we were able to at least get out of the house, but we still needed our keys! There's some construction going on at the house next door, so I walked over and asked the workers if I could borrow a really long piece of rebar. I pried the screen off of our bedroom window, and started to fish for the keys through the bars with the rebar. You guys, a 25 foot long piece of rebar is really stinking heavy in case you didn't know. So eventually Elder Jones and Elder Martin show up with a wire hanger and some tools. They quickly take the rebar away from me and make a hook on the end of it with the wire hanger and then start to fish. They were a lot more successful than I was... we had our keys in about five minutes! Thank heavens for construction workers and district leaders! You can rest assured we will never leave our keys in our bedroom again haha. 
We were walking home from church yesterday wondering what we would eat for dinner that night (we're always short on food on Sundays because we do our shopping on Mondays so we're almost out of food by the end of the week) when we came down a little zinc alley. There was an ackee tree hanging over the alley, and a bunch of ripe ackee was just laying on the ground in front of us! We quickly gathered it up and now we have a bunch of ackee at home! Yummy yummy :) It just showed us that Heavenly Father really does watch over us and he'll always take care of us even if it's something little like letting some ackee fall off the tree right before we get there. 
Yesterday while the sacrament was being passed, I was thinking about our area and how I'm a little worried about this whole training thing I'll be doing starting Wednesday. Then the words from "Be Still, my Soul" popped in my head... I flipped open my hymn book and read the rest of the words and it's like the whole song was written for me at that moment. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of us and He always answers our prayers, no matter what. I'm grateful I get to see so many answered prayers every day... being on a mission is the best thing in the world! 
Well, that's all for now folks! Love you all, have a fantastic week!! 
One day we came out of our house because we heard a fire and then we realized it was just the cane field so we kept going but then..... a fire truck came racing down the street and we started laughing because some stupid person called a fire truck on a burning cane field. i guess you'd have to be there to get why it's funny... oh well. here's some pictures of a fire and a fire truck. (mind you, that wall is at least 6 feet tall.) 

Me and zenadine!! he's my best friend :) we blow bubbles and play racecars sometimes.

I spy a mongoose!!  Do you see it?

 Don't know why people park their cars like this in their driveways here but it happens a lot more than you'd think!

Kingston! traffic was insane! 
Sometimes as a sister missionary, you get texts like this and it just breaks your heart because you just want to share the gospel with people and we can't when all they're interested in is us :( #sistermissionaryproblems

our can opener broke so sister slater taught me how to open cans with a knife. haha it was exciting to me so i took a picture

Soursop! it makes the best juice in the world!!

Sister Missionary Karoake!!!

Sister Oman 

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