Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Living Christ + Cheesecake= A Pretty Great Week

This week was full of little tender mercies and good things but I don't even know where to begin haha.. So let's see how this goes! (As usual)
Monday we were walking the longggg walk back to our house from the supermarket with all of our groceries due to lack of taxi's on the road and we were getting really tired of carrying our heavy bags. But God is good and always provides tender mercies for us :) We ran into one of our investigators that lives in the same neighborhood as us and he carried a lot of our groceries almost all the way to our house for us. (He couldn't carry them to our house because then he'd know where we live and that's a no-no haha.) So that was a blessing! 
We were street contacting and we stopped to talk to these two guys. We're in the middle of giving them a little overview of the Restoration when not one, but two forty leggers appear and start heading straight for our feet. I like started to back up and say "Uh... Sister Slater... you might want to move." But she didn't see them so she wasn't sure what I was doing and then finally one of the guys we were talking to was like "Woah! You guys need to move now!" And away went the spirit. Stinkin forty leggers haha. But we got a return appointment and had a really good first lesson with them... So that was the good outcome of all of that! 
Speaking of street contacting... we met some people from England that were here visiting family this week so we got to send a referral to missionaries in England! I was just thinking how that is just so cool that the church is worldwide... so the message that we shared with them here is the same message that the missionaries back in England will share with them when they meet them. I love this gospel :) 
We had interviews with President Brown this week... interviews are pretty much one of my favorite things of being a missionary. Basically you get to just go sit in a room with someone who knows an insane amount about the gospel and ask whatever questions you want and then study the scriptures together to get answers for like an hour. It's amazing. This time we talked a lot about learning the gospel for the sake of learning vs. learning it to become more holy... so I've spent a lot of time doing some self evaluations to see how effective my studies are, and setting some goals to make my studies more effective! 
Ummmm in other news... Thursday was our year mark! So we decorated and bought ourselves cheesecake to celebrate. I was just thinking how crazy it is that it's been over a year since I've stepped foot in Colorado... it's so awesome how something can stay so much a part of you when you haven't been there for so long. 
Anyways. This email is so scatterbrained... sorry about that. 
We both memorized The Living Christ when we were younger for personal progress, but we tried to recite it this week and it would appear much of it has been forgotten. So we're re-memorizing it over the next few weeks! We recite it as we walk, listen to a recording of it all morning as we get ready, and read it together during companion studies. There's been a whole different spirit in the apartment and throughout our days because we're spending so much more time focusing on Jesus Christ... I'm loving it. I love having words about Christ running through my head all day. It's a lot easier to focus on the things I'm supposed to be focused on rather than getting distracted and thinking about things other than the work :) 
That's probably it for this week! I love you all! Have a great week! 
Sister Oman 
Thanks to Rastas...the word Zion is all over this island.  I love it!!

Paul's baptism last week!!!!! I hate that red beenie haha. i always told him i was going to burn it. i guess he only took it off for the actual baptism ordinance and confirmation... good grief. 

The bible says preach the gospel to every creature... maybe we've started taking that a little too seriously ;) hahhahaha. 

An Old Abandoned Train Station

A typical house in Jamaica

Old Harbour

Inside pictures of our church building.  It's basically a room inside a strip mall.

We got the package Mom sent this week!  I gave sister Slater a box of the lucky charms because she doesn't get packages ever so i wanted to share my love from home :)

This leaf was literally bigger than my face. I used it for a fan all day cuz it was hotter than all get out that day. 

Pretty Jamaica

The purpose of this picture is for you to check out my tan line... the one on my neck. isn't that crazy? i look like a patchwork quilt haha. 

We decorated for my year mark!  One year on a mission!!

Cheesecake to celebrate our year mark!!

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