Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bob Marley and Slamming Doors

Hey ya'll. 
Last Monday, we woke up ridiculously early to clean and email and study, and then we hopped on a bus to Kingston to go to the Bob Marley Museum! We went with our entire district, the Portmore district, and one of the Kingston districts. It was so much fun!! The museum is in Bob Marley's house, so we got to tour the house and go a bunch of places he's been. So now I've sat under the tree he used to hang out under, been in the room he got shot in, and sat in the same place he wrote like half of his songs! It was pretty cool, and as usual, it was fun to see all the missionaries I've served around! 
We were going door-to-door last week, and we got a door slammed in our face. It was kind of surreal... that's never happened to me before! It went something like this:
*Knocking on door*
*Door opens*
Us: Hello, good evening ma'am...
Her: I don't want anything to do with your church.
Us: Well do you think we could... 
*Door slams in our face*
We just kind of stood there in shock for a minute and then moved on. And then we got a little sad because she didn't even want a pamphlet. And then we got excited. Not because she won't have the gospel, no we were very sad about that. We were a bit excited because we finally felt like real missionaries having a door slammed in our face. Haha.
One morning during studies, Sister Slater went out into the kitchen to get a drink of water. And then she started screaming. A 40 legger had somehow gotten into our house and was wiggling all over our floor. So after we took a video of it (from a very safe distance), we smashed it to a pulp. No more 40 leggers for us! 
We tried to talk our way into a new gated community in our area to do contacting last week and somehow we ended up touring the model homes. I'm still not sure how that happened... we were very confused the whole time about what was going on. But we shared a message with the lady who gave us a tour so that was good! 
We pray every morning that the day will go according to the will of the Lord. Friday was a day that really showed me that prayers are answered. We had planned what we thought was a perfect day the night before... we lined up members to take out teaching with us, we thought we had a good balance between teaching and finding... etc. And then when we confirmed appointments that morning, everything went according to plan! So we thought we were all set for the day. We went to our first appointment after our weekly planning session, and then met up with the member we were taking to our next appointment. They had literally confirmed five minutes before the appointment started, but then when we got to their house they had an emergency and had to leave. So then we were stuck with a member to take to someone, but no one to take him to. We decided to call an investigator that lived nearby and see if we could see him... we could, and so we went to have a lesson with him. Turns out the member we had with us and our investigator have like everything in common and they got along great. The member invited him to church, and he said he'd come... and then he came! We've been inviting him for weeks and he never came. We never would have thought about bringing that member to fellowship him, but the Lord knew that's what needed to happen, so He made a way for it to happen! Later that night, another appointment fell through and we were kind of frustrated. But literally five minutes later, one of our recent converts called and he really wanted us to come over that night. We wouldn't have had time to go over if our appointment wouldn't have fallen through... yet another example of how I know the Lord knows better than us. 
Yesterday I had to teach relief society... at the very end of the lesson, I was bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon when all of the sudden it just hit me. I knew that what I was bearing testimony of was true. It was like all of the sudden all the little witnesses and testimony builders I've had over my entire life just solidified into this one incredibly strong witness that the Book of Mormon is true. It all just clicked and it makes sense now! I've known it's all true but it's like now I know it's true... and I'm just getting more and more excited every second to share what I know with everyone around me :) I love the gospel! 
I love you guys! And family- it was great skyping with you yesterday!! 
Love you all, have a great week!! 
Sister Oman 
Entrance to the Bob Marley Museum

Sister Tafuna, Sister Slater and another sister that came to the museum with us.  

Sister Tafuna

Sister Slater and I

Bob Marley's house

The tree Bob used to smoke ganja under!!

Where Bob wrote his song.....

Sister Tafuna and I

It was a party with all the Sisters that came with us.

Goats, goats and more goats!!!

This is the closest I've been to the ocean since I left Portmore....I got so excited!!

The fourty legger that found its way into our apartment.  Sister Slater thought it was a snake but apparently it wasn't!!

The false alarm snake scare!!

A unique flower.  It has these giant pod things all over it.  

Fried dumplings...I made them myself!!

Our church building.  We pray every day we will get a new building.

Cute kitten we saw last night at a lesson!!

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