Monday, January 12, 2015

I Love Praying!

Hey guys!
This email may be short because we spent all day playing capture the flag in an abandoned fort with our zone so our email time is limited haha.
This week we got to go to the beach twice! (Last Monday and then today.) Man I love the beach. I got ridiculously sunburned today but it's okay because I LOVE THE BEACH.
Last Monday we went to one by our house. The Sister Training Leaders came from Kingston and we had a jolly good time. Although the beaches here are a tad different from the beaches in the Bahamas haha. I'll send pics to prove it. And today we drove to Kingston to go to Port Royal Harbor with our whole zone! We climbed around, played capture the flag, and went seashell hunting. Jolly good time I tell ya.
We taught an insane amount of lessons this week, extended a ridiculous amount of baptismal dates, and it all payed off... we had people in church!!!! For the first time in a transfer we had investigators in sacrament meeting. I don't think you understand how exciting that is. This area is so hard and we almost cried when people we'd been teaching actually came to church. Prayer and fasting really works!
Speaking of prayer... I had so many cool experiences with it this week.
Experience numero uno:
I go in to say my night prayers, and I don't know what was different that night... but I've never felt so close to God. It's like I could feel Him there, and I just knew He was listening to me because He cares! It was the coolest experience ever and now I just get so excited every time I get to pray. I love prayer.
Experience numero dos:
We're teaching someone who's never believed in God. The first few lessons he refused to pray. But this week we had a really spiritual lesson with him and he agreed to say the closing prayer. The spirit was so strong. After he said Amen, he looked up and asked "What was that?" And then proceeded to tell us that he's never felt like that before. And he's been praying ever since. You guys. God is real. And He wants to listen to every single prayer we have to say.
Experience numero tres:
Well this is really just something that Elder Pace said in district meeting this week but I loved it and I think you should all hear it. We were talking about ways to pray to make our prayers more meaningful. And he said, "If you feel like just talking to Him for a little while, just talk! He wants to listen to you." I don't know why that stuck out to me so much but you'd better believe I've been talking His ear off ever since haha.
I learned how to make curried chicken this week! Which is good because it's my favorite food so now I can make it all the time. Hallelujah :)
Also I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday and afterwards everyone came up and asked me where I'm from because I have an accent. Which wouldn't have been weird if it was just the Jamaicans because yeah I have an accent to them. But it was the other American missionaries too. So apparently I don't sound American anymore? Well who knows what's up haha.
Friday we were walking to an appointment when a bunch of puppies came running around the corner. We kept walking toward them but then momma dog comes running around the corning barking and growling at us. We were sure we were gonna die but a very kind gentleman ran out of his house and scared the dog away for us! So we bought cupcakes for our entire district to celebrate haha.
Transfer calls were Saturday. I'll be staying in Portmore, but Sister Walker is leaving. Sister Llewelyn will be coming here to be my companion. And this area is being turned into a walking area! Woohoo I'm gonna get so tan :) Hehe. I'm excited to see what this next transfer will bring! This last transfer almost killed me, but looking back through my journal entries last night I realized that I've learned so much over the last six weeks. Trials really do teach you a lot! So I'm learning to be grateful for my trials :)
I love you all! I'll try to send pictures but no promises. Have a great week!!!

Sister Oman 

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  1. Thanks for the update. I too had an awesome experience with prayer this week. I even taught a lesson on prayer this past Sunday and I even had to refer to you during the lesson. I really do miss you here in Nassau. I'm happy for the experiences which you are gaining. Continue to bless lives like you have blessed mine. Love you!