Monday, November 10, 2014

Pirates in the Caribbean!!

We had a pretty great week here in the Bahamas! On Monday, we decided to play tourist and went to a pirate museum in downtown. It was a lot scarier than we anticipated... well actually it wasn't supposed to be scary at all, we just freaked ourselves out and spent almost the entire hour and a half in the museum clinging to each other for dear life. There was one particular part that a pirate actor came out from behind a curtain and I don't know why we all got so scared but we seriously ran for like five minutes screaming. Everyone in the entire museum heard us and they have it all on tape. Also I cut my arm open because I ran into a wall as I was screaming. Yeah... I'm still just as clumsy as ever. Haha. So that was mildly embarrassing. 
But it was a very fun little adventure. We also had a delightful little picnic on our favorite boardwalk, and spent a while sitting on the dock by the ocean contemplating life. It was a very good p-day indeed. I love Nassau. Have I mentioned that before? Well I do. A lot. 
Other exciting things that happened this week include Guy Fawkes day! It was on Wednesday, so during our dinner hour we went over to the Taylor family's house and helped them build their Guy Fawkes. Then they lit him on fire and set off a bunch of fireworks while we watched. (Cuz you know, we couldn't light them ourselves because of the rules.) It was a blast. I love that family so much! 
We spent almost three hours in the immigration office on Friday trying to get a bunch of work permit stuff sorted out... I think every single person in that office knows us by name now. I've probably spent three full days of my life in that office at this point. Man I'm so grateful that I don't have to mess with work permits and stuff to work in the states. Yep.
Hmmmm... oh! So we're teaching Evans, Evelt, and Peter still... the three brothers. I love those boys. So much. They have such a strong desire to learn about the gospel... and it doesn't hurt that they have two of the strongest fellowshippers I've ever seen, Jouvance and Jackson. For example, we had a lesson with them on Saturday. We asked them if they would be able to come to church. Two of the boys said yes, the other one said no because he had to work so he could save up money for something. Well, Jouvance decided he would have none of that and he wanted all of his friends to come to church. So those darling boys made a plan to all help each other out with money so none of them ever have to work on Sundays. They literally just pool all of their money and whoever needs it at that time takes it... because they know how important church attendance is. I just love it! They have such strong testimonies... and half of them aren't even baptized yet! Not to mention they're all under the age of sixteen. It's pretty crazy. I love it. 
We work a lot with the young women and young men here, and this last week one of them informed me that I'm the "funnest old person" he's ever met. Well snap. When did I go from being one of the young women to an old person? At least they still think I'm fun? I guess I just decided to take it as a compliment haha.  
Sister Bailey and I had to speak in sacrament yesterday... that made it the fourth time I've talked in a sacrament meeting in the last six months. I'm not complaining though... giving talks gives me a really good chance to learn more about the gospel. So that's good. 
We had two meal appointments yesterday. It felt like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter all piled into one day. We got home for the night and after planning, we all just collapsed on the ground because we were so full. Haha. 
I've been thinking a lot about agency lately. I read somewhere from some apostle that apart from our bodies themselves, agency is the greatest gift Heavenly Father could give us. I've been realizing how true that is! How amazing is it that we get to choose so many things for ourselves. I've just been so grateful for that gift lately! And I'm even more grateful for the knowledge that I can turn to my Father in Heaven whenever I'm not sure about a decision and He'll guide me to the correct choice. This gospel is amazing! 
I love you all! You guys are the greatest people in the entire world :) 
Have a great week!!!
Sister Oman 

A picnic on our favorite boardwalk!

I am wearing a sweat in the Bahamas.  Weird!  It's actually been chilly here lately!

Best Companion Ever!

Pirate Museum

That cage thing is an actual cage they put dead, tarred and feathered pirates in and swung it over the port here in  nassau to dissuade other pirates from attacking the island or ships around the island.  

Look at the size of that gun! It's one of the original ones they used to shoot pirates. haha.

We accidentally decided to go to the beach at high tide... so we just sat on the steps and watched the ocean for a while. muy relaxing. yep.

Guys....I live here!  Isn't it gorgeous!

Future Missionaries

Deshanda and Andre, two of my favorite children in the entire world. 

A random assortment of investigators, members, and friends. all younger than us. 

Us and the Taylor Clan on Guy Fawkes day! 

P.J. with our Guy Fawkes day dude 

Guy Fawkes Day Dude on fire!

Guy Fawkes Day Selfie!

We went to teach getro and look at all these cute little puppies he has behind his house! aww we played with them for like twenty minutes. they were adorable.

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