Monday, September 1, 2014

We preach at the beach!

We just hang out at the beach on p-days. It's no big deal. Haha. 

Zone Conference!

Hey ya'll! Koman ou ye? 
This week went soooo fast and I'm not really sure what happened. So I'll probs just send you parts of my journal entries from this week mixed in with some other random stuff haha:) 
Monday we spent the day at the beach! It was perfect weather... not too hot, nice salty breeze... Man oh man I love the Bahamas! We did a few FHE lessons in the evening with some pretty awesome people! We talked about the atonement... man I love the atonement! I've been finding a lot of comfort in it lately. I know that no matter what's going on in my life, Christ is there for me. Heavenly Father is there for me too- and that gives me a quiet assurance that everything is going to be okay. Christ performed the atonement for each of us... He's ready and waiting, we just have to go to Him! 
Tuesday, we had a normal proselyting day. We had a bunch of appointments in the afternoon fall through, and we were a bit stumped as to what to do. We said a prayer, and we had a prompting to go check in on one of our investigators. So we dropped by, and she wasn't home... but her mom was! Her mom was so excited we were there, and asked us to start teaching her. I love promptings! Heavenly Father knows exactly where we need to be, so if we just listen to the Holy Ghost, we can be where we need to be when we need to be there! 
Wednesday, we had a district meeting on prayer. Sister Bailey taught some steps to more effective prayers. I've been putting them into action, and they really do make a difference! So here ya go people :) 
1. Pray vocally
2. Take the time to think about what you're praying for
3. Visualize God as you're talking to Him
4. Ask specific questions
6. Wait. Give God the opportunity to speak back. 
Thursday we left the house with zero confirmed appointments for the day. But that's okay! I've realized something... if we've done our absolute best to make our day work, we just have to have faith that it will work out! Even if it doesn't work exactly the way we planned... everything always works out! I don't know if it's because we're missionaries or what, but life just seems to be a bit easier lately. I mean it's still really hard but everything always just sort of falls into place. Which is great :) Hahah. We taught English class thursday evening... man I love English! It's one of my favorite things in the week. I just love it so much!! 
Friday we had weekly planning, and then we ran some errands for our district and taught some lessons. That evening we had fun night at the church and it was a blast! We were talking to someone who is married to someone who isn't a member and it really made me think about eternal marriage and how great of a blessing it is... I'm so glad to know that Mom and Dad are married not only for this life but for the life after this, and we get to be sealed with them! And I'm so grateful to know that I can have that same opportunity to be married to someone forever! Families are eternal... how awesome of a blessing is that?
Saturday we got reallllllly reallllly lost trying to find one of our recent converts. The whole experience made me really grateful for road signs and house numbers. They just don't have that here, and sometimes it makes finding things hard. "Go to the 24 hour tire place and just keep going down and then turn at the funny house and go down and then you'll see me." Yeah that doesn't make much sense haha. But we were able to find him and it all worked out! That night, during our dinner hour, I was watching the Joseph Smith movie and I just started bawling. Man oh man I felt like I was watching a chick flick... It was rather embarrassing. But the point of this story is that i love that movie and I love Joseph Smith and I really admire Emma Smith. The end. 
Sunday we had church and Sister Bailey gave an amazing talk in sacrament meeting! That evening, we went to teach Dacilia, our investigator, and we found eight potential investigators around her house! I just love it when we have some tender mercies! 
That was our week! I'm sorry this email was so bad haha. This week, I've really been working on being a challenging and testifying missionary. I'm realizing more and more how important this gospel is, and I can't just skirt around questions and stuff. It's so important to just say it how it is and testify boldly. We're on the Lord's errand, and it's so important to do all we can to help others! So that's my goal for this next week... be more challenging and testify more :) Yep. 
Also, fun fact. The Bahamas were dedicated for preaching the gospel in 1997. Which means the church has been on this island for less time than I've been alive. Pretty crazy right? It's awesome how strong the church is here for how new it is! 
Okay that's all for now folks! I love you all! Have a great week! 
Sister Oman 

Pictures: Beach p-days are the best p-days! And we wear matching shirts to do service :) 
Zone Conference from last week.  I just hadn't gotten the pics back yet!

Beach p-days are the best p-days!

Sister Bailey, my companion and good friend!

Matching T-Shirts for our service day!

English Class

English Class

My scriptures fell apart because i read them so much but i glued them and they're all back to normal now! 

Some of my favorite girls.

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

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