Monday, September 15, 2014

We go on epic road trips and start bands sometimes.

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone had a good week and that school and work and missions and everything are going swell! 
This week was a really good week! Monday we decided to go on an epic road trip across the entire twenty one mile long island. Haha so it really wasn't a very long road trip but it was super fun! We started out by exploring an old fort built in the 1700's, then found a giant staircase built by slaves. Then we drove across the island a ways and the bottom of our car fell off (which was unfortunate), but apparently I'm really good at fixing cars so I just fixed it right up and we kept on our way! (I'm kidding. I just tied it back to the bottom of the car with a rope. A six year old could have done what I did. I don't know anything about cars haha.) We found these statues on a beach that are in commemoration of the slaves that were brought here from Africa way back when and they were pretty cool! Then we went and explored some caves and that ended our road trip Monday! We had family home evening with the Eyers family and headed home! 
Tuesday Sister Judd was super sick so we were home bound for most of the day. But that's okay because I got to read a lot of things about church and seeing as I've just fallen in love with the gospel over the last five months and I love learning every single thing I can about it. I'm about half way through the Book of Mormon now... every time I read that book it just gets better and better! If any of you haven't read it... find yourself a copy and get to readin! It's the best book you'll ever read, I promise :) (You can request a FREE copy here!
Wednesday we had a really good district meeting with most of the zone about what the difference between a reaper and a sower is... It really motivated all of us to look at missionary work with a more eternal perspective, and we're already seeing a difference in our area! We had some really good lessons on Wednesday too :) 
Thursday we washed some cars for service, and picked Sister Dill up at the airport... which means we are no longer in a trio with Sister Judd so work is all back to normal now! I also got eaten alive by ants (A word of advice: don't stand in an ant pile while teaching a lesson. It's a very bad idea.) But I found the best bug bite cream in the world and it's my new best friend. We have a very good relationship haha. We had a wonderful lesson with Linda... I love that girl! Every time we go see her we find new people to teach and she's just a total sweetheart... so is her entire family! And we concluded the night with English class... which I loved. As usual. You know the drill. 
Friday we did weekly planning, tried to teach some lessons to some people that are very good at disappearing, and had a really fun fun night! It was a good day. 
Saturday we taught some lessons as usual, had a good lesson with a sweet girl named Tamika, and I had breadfruit for the first time! I LOVE BREADFRUIT. It's the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my entire life and I'm pretty sure it's all I'm ever going to eat again. Nough said. 
Sunday we had a really good block of meetings at church. We talked a lot about our living prophet and apostles... it made me so excited for General Conference! Just a few more weeks till we get to hear from all of the apostles and President Monson! Woohoo I love conference!! We took our dinner hour and decided to forego food to watch the CES fireside last night... Every time D. Todd Christofferson speaks, I learn so much! If any of you didn't get to watch that fireside, I would highly recommend it. 
In other news, Sister Judd and I have started a musical group. We call ourselves OJ (Oman and Judd... get it?? Hahah). And we're really good. We even got to sing with David Archuleta this last week. 
Well... not really. We have a cd where he sings some hymns so we sang along with him. And it wasn't actually all that great. But you know... we're getting there. We'll be famous one day, just you wait and see :) 
This email was another really random one... sorry bout that :) Life got crazy the last few weeks... so much happens every day and I never know what to write about! Oh well. 
I love you all so much!!! I really appreciate the support and love you all show me every week... you're the greatest! Keep up the good work wherever you are... and remember! The church is true!!! 
Sister Oman 

 A sick old cannon at the fort we found!

We found a jail at the old fort we went to. Haha we're like Alma and Amulek... We get thrown in jail for sharing the gospel! :)

The worlds oldest water tower (not really it's just from the 1920s)

I love the Bahamas!  Isn't it beautiful!

Sister Judd and I at the Queen's Staircase

Queen's Staircase

Queen's Staircase

I'm Super Strong!  Ha Ha

I'm really good at fixing cars. But only when the problem is that the bottom fell off the car and I just have to tie a rope to keep the bottom on. I'm planning on starting an auto body shop when I get home now. (Not really. Haha.)

I LOVE NASSAU. I never want to leave the Bahamas. I'm so blessed to be here! Isn't it beautiful??

I love the ocean! 

The statues on the beach we found! 

This sweet bench made from seashells. it was very uncomfortable to sit on though. 

Workin at the car washhhhh

My dear sweet arden whom i love so much!

Lisa and Jouvance! (Two of my favorite people!) 

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