Thursday, August 20, 2015

Funerals, Ant Bites, and Isaiah

Yet another week has gone by! What in the world? Where does the time go? 
This week we started off with a loving tender mercy from Heavenly Father. Our whole day had fallen through before 11:00 and it was SO HOT. And when our entire day and all of our backups fall through, we have to walk and street contact and try to get some people to teach. That just sounded deadly in the sun, but we said a prayer we'd find someone to help and headed out. Right as we walked by a less-active member's house, she got out of a taxi and said "Hey sisters, do you want to come share a scripture with me?" We said of course we did and we went and had a lovely lesson about building our testimonies. God is good and He always gives us ways to help others when we ask for His help and we are obedient. 
We met this guy this week that couldn't talk or hear. We shared a little about the restoration with him by writing back and forth on a notebook he carried around. It was really interesting and a way cool opportunity to see that the spirit was still there even though no words were spoken! 
I learned that I have to shake out my clothes before I get dressed the hard way this week. Apparently ants have taken over my closet and my clothes were full of ants when I got dressed one night and let me tell you I've never experienced so many ant bites in my life. My p-day will consist of getting rid of the ants in my closet today! Haha. 
We had a funeral to go to at another church on Saturday. The entire thing was loud and confusing and hot. It was a huge fancy church with a drummer and a pianist and a fancy sound system and a huge stage but I just didn't feel the spirit there. 
Fast forward to Sunday at our church. The elder who used to play the piano got transferred and no one else could play during sacrament so we sang without an accompaniment. I was just thinking as we were singing... We really didn't sound very good, we had no fancy drums and pianos and sound systems. I mean there was only like twenty of us crammed in a tiny room next to a cable company, but that didn't matter. The spirit was so strong and I just loved it. It's not about all the fancy conveniences, it's about the gospel. And that's what we have to offer... the fullness of the gospel. And that's definitely good enough for me! 
In other news, I found my new favorite scripture this week. I'm in Isaiah in the Old Testament now and I absolutely love Isaiah 32:17 (Well you can look at verses 16-19 but verse 17 was my favorite.) 
"And the work of righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever."
Isn't that beautiful? I love the scriptures. 
And I love you all! Have the best weeks of your life :) 
Sister Oman 
We bought a HUGE box of ice cream last week. Yes, that box on Sister Thurgood's lap is full of chocolate ice cream. You could say it's been a pretty great week haha. 

Our investigator climbed his coconut tree to get us a snack after our lesson one day! I was impressed.

 I got this nativity set carved last week with some of my birthday money! 

This is the most beautiful place in the world. I love the sky!! 

This little guy was a not so friendly surprise this morning but no worries... we killed him with our water storage. haha. 

This is my new planner for my 12th transfer! geeze that's a lot of transfers haha. 

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