Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Goodbye Portmore!

Okay people. Ya'll are amazing. I just love you. 
First things first, I got transferred again! I'll be leaving Portmore tomorrow to go to Old Harbour! I'm going to miss Portmore and Sister Tafuna like crazy but I'm super excited for a new adventure. 
This week was probably one of the best weeks of my mission. Let's see if I can summarize some of what happened.
Monday we decided to go on an adventure. So we went hiking on a little old abandoned road up in the hills by our house. And then we got the bright idea to go crocodile hunting at the sewage ponds... I know that sounds disgusting but they don't smell bad. And guess what. We saw a crocodile. It was the best day of my life. Hands down. I still can't get over how exciting that was. Best. P-Day. Ever. 
Tuesday we got home at night and noticed our neighborhood message board had been erased so we took the opportunity to use an expo marker we found while doing service one day and wrote a lovely little quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley on it to brighten everyone's day. Haha. Adventures. 
I got a package from Nana last week for St. Patricks day, and it had a set of mustaches in it. So naturally we took the opportunity to take a bunch of district pictures with mustaches on. I love this district... It's the best district I've had on my mission so far. I'm going to miss everyone! 
We had a little adventure to Kingston on Thursday to go to the dentist... we got stuck in the pouring rain in the middle of Kingston with no where to go so we had to stand in this shop for like almost an hour until the rain let up because it wasn't safe to go outside haha. 
We had such a busy day on Saturday... transfer calls were in the morning, and then we went to the church for general conference. Except the internet and the television and the projector broke so we didn't get to watch Saturday morning session... we all prayed and it was fixed by the afternoon, so we really enjoyed the afternoon session and both of the Sunday sessions. So many prayers were answered! 
We had a little birthday party/family home evening with my favorite little family on Saturday night. Tia turned three a while ago, so we made a cake and had so much fun with them! 
Sunday was a day full of general conference, saying goodbyes, and eating a ton of food! We had a ward potluck sort of thing in between sessions of general conference and man oh man can I just say american cooking has nothing on Jamaican cooking. Holy moly that was good. Haha. 
Yesterday was a holiday here, so we had a full proselyting day and switched our p-day to Tuesday. Sister Tuttle from Ocho Rios is here with us for a few days which means we get to use her truck! So we got to see so many people last yesterday... It was perfect because I got to finish saying goodbye to pretty much almost everyone. Beautiful. 
Alright well I suppose that's about it for this week. Pretty much I'm so stoked to be going to a new area because it's new people, new adventures, and new lessons to learn. I'm super sad to be leaving Portmore, but I was just thinking about the last four months that I've spent here and I'm so grateful for everything I learned! I've learned so much about the gospel and a bunch of other stuff since I came here. God really knew what He was doing when He sent me here! Ahhh I just love my misson. 
Also, I love you all! Have the best week ever. 
Sister Oman 

Sister Tafuna and I before conference on sunday 

Saying Goodbye to Portmore!

Some of the things we found while hiking on our P-Day last week!

Proof that we saw a Crocodile!!!

We were so excited to see a real live crocodile!!

One day we decided to play Dominos with some random kids on the street while we were walking around tracting. it was fun!

Devon! Love that guy! 

The best district pictures ever taken were taken last week. Thank  you, Nana! Man I'm going to miss that district.

It was Tia's birthday so we made her a cake and I'm going to miss this family so much... ahh my heart just broke when I had to say goodbye to them. I love them so much! 

Saying Goodbye to more members!!

Bishop and his wife

This is what the sky looked like above the chapel after General Conference.  Isn't it gorgeous!

Lisa and Minerva... some of our top investigators! i'll miss them! 

This is "the scorpion".  He is a musician.  I sent my parents the link to one of his music videos.  He was so excited to hear that people in Colorado are listening to his music haha. 

Bobby... he's disabled and he's the sweetest man i've ever met. i love bobby. we're best friends. 

This is Paul.   He's getting baptized in 2 weeks.  I am so sad to miss it!!

The Lee Family

They were burning the cane fields last night so we took a picture.


Saying goodbye to brother Simms.

Zone conference pictures from last week. Best zone ever! 

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