Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Hey everyone! This week was full of crazy things!! 
First up, we had transfer calls on Saturday and I'm going to Jamaica! After spending seven and a half months in the Bahamas, I'll be flying to my new area on Thursday. I'm headed to Portmore, a city in Jamaica. I'm so excited!! 
This Monday, we had the best p-day ever invented. We found a national park and decided to go for a hike! It was a marvelous hike (even though it was all flat because this island doesn't really have hills). But anyways, we had a mighty good time. We found some more old ruins from slave days, a giant face statue in the sane (we're still a bit confused about that), and a wonderful little hut by the beach! It was a jolly good time. 
Tuesday we were driving to an appointment when we saw a lady that had been selling things on the side of the road. Her tent had blown over, and she was having a really hard time putting it back up. So we pulled over and offered to help her. After we had finished, she offered to give us each a dress to say thank you. We didn't accept it of course, but we started talking to her. She was such a sweet lady! Hopefully we can start teaching her soon. But anyways, her name is Oprah. So now I can say that I helped Oprah out and she offered me a dress haha. We're famous. Just kidding :) 
For Thanksgiving, we spent most of the day doing service for a member in the branch. We were dishing up and boxing seventy five thousand Thanksgiving dinners. It was a good Thanksgiving day! Then that evening, we went over to a member's house and they fed us a giant feast full of the best food you've ever seen (and tasted). We ended our night sprawled out on the couch because we were so full. Just how Thanksgiving should be! I'm so grateful for the sweet members here and all they do for the work and for us as missionaries!! 
We had interviews with President Brown on Friday. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow I agreed to having at least one twenty minute personal prayer every day. The first day, I was a little overwhelmed. But now, I'm loving it! I really love being able to slow down and just take a little time to really talk to my Father in Heaven. It's only been a few days, and I've already been able to learn so much and I've received so many answers to my prayers! I would highly recommend trying it out :) 
We had not one, but two baptisms on Sunday! Oh my goodness it was the best day of my life. Peter and Evens, two of the three brothers we've been working with were baptized. (The other brother will be baptized this weekend). I cried. I think it was the best day of my life. I love those boys so much. I don't want to be biased, but they're some of my favorite people. Ahhhh I was just so happy for them!!!! 
I started saying my goodbyes yesterday at church, and it was oh-so-hard. I'm so excited to go to Jamaica, but I've lived and served here for seven and a half months and I feel like I've gotten so close to so many of these people. Saying goodbye has never been one of my strengths... but I know that thanks to the gospel, no goodbye has to be forever! I'm going to miss Nassau so much. Leaving is bittersweet. A part of my heart will forever belong on a little island in the Bahamas, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love you all. Have a great week! 

Sister Oman 

Pictures from our hike last week!

Saying Goodbye to Jessica!

That turkey was amazing!

Saying Goodbye to Jessica & her family

Our Thanksgiving dinner table.

The pump to drain the font broke so we had to drain it by bucket haha 

The baptism! Evan is the tall one, Peter is the short one, 

Jouvance, their friend that introduced them to the church with Evan and Peter 

Brother Eyers was the one who baptized them.

Saying goodbye! Jamaica here I come!

Sister Bazard made a HUGE meal for us last night, and it was delicious! 

This is Brother and Sister Williams. (We reactivated Sister Williams a few months ago).  I laugh soooo hard every time we go to their house. 

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