Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doubt not

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Sounds like everyone had pretty exciting weeks! 
So... what happened last week? Man it feels like it was the longest week in the entire world and I don't even know where to start. So I guess I'll start at the beginning... 
Monday after we emailed it was almost six o'clock due to the whole airport slash no power fiasco of 2014 so we just went grocery shopping and called it a p-day! Sister Woolf and I were companions for a few days, so she and I went and did a little FHE lesson with a few of our recent converts and called it a night! 
Tuesday we taught a bunch of lessons and they were all great! Sister Kemp took us to lunch on Tuesday at an adorable little bistro type place. It was delicious. Something she said at lunch has really stuck with me all week... "Nobody can steal your knowledge. They can take your car, they can take your phone, they can take your clothes... they can take everything you have, but what you learn is yours. Nobody can take away your knowledge." Isn't that so true? So basically what I've been learning lately is that education is seriously one of the most important things we can get in this life... other than a testimony of the gospel that is. So read all the books you can and learn everything about everything, because the things we learn in this life are the only things we get to take with us to the next! On a less serious note... Michelle (a member of the branch that I just love) told us on Tuesday that we probably have so many lizards in the house because there's been so many thunderstorms. Apparently lizards only are born when it thunders. Ya know, because that makes total sense. hahahah. I just love her.
Wednesday was district meeting. We just did one giant off island zone district meeting over skype since every island only had two missionaries on it due to transfers and such... it was really fun to get to talk with everyone and we learned so much from each other! I love district meetings. 
Thursday was a crazy long day. Man so many stories to tell. First of all, Sister Woolf and I were leaving an appointment when a lady came up to us and told us we couldn't park our car where we'd left it anymore. We apologized and said we didn't know, and then started to drive away when we decided to share the gospel with her. So we approached her and said, "Hi! What's your name?" She just waved and said "bye!" So that was awkward. Then we headed over to see a family in the branch. When we got there, only the teenage son was home. So we had an awkward lesson involving us standing on the porch and teaching him through the door because we couldn't go inside. But it ended with free chocolate cake and milk, so that was all good. Then we headed to the airport to pick up our new companions! But... their flight was delayed. And the airport is like all the way on the other side of the island from where we normally teach so we were a little frustrated because we didn't know what to do for two hours. So we said a prayer and just started driving. We were driving along when I was like "Sister Woolf, I really feel like we should turn down this road." So we did and as we drove a little further down, I started to recognize where we were! It was a road that one of our investigators lives on and we hadn't been able to reach her for a really long time. So we decided to stop by her house and see if she was home, and she was! We had one of the most spiritual lessons I've taught in a while with her, and it was wonderful! It was so cool to see that if we just put our trust in the Lord, He really will guide us every day. Then we headed back to the airport and we waited and waited and waited. We were talking to someone when two missionaries came out of the gate. Unfortunately, they were elders. We were really confused because Nassau is a sisters-only island, so we didn't know why they were there. Turns out they were just connecting through to Freeport, so they headed out... but then they came back and said they missed their flight. So we got stuck with all of their stuff and then Sister Judd and Sister Bailey showed up and were starving so we waited with their stuff too while they got food. So... we got to watch like twelve suitcases for a long time. Suitcase sitting is much easier than babysitting, let me tell ya. But a lot more boring too haha. We finally got everything sorted out, got the elders off of our island, and had time for one more lesson, and that was Thursday! 
Friday was a day full of teaching and weekly planning. We got to teach a lesson at the beach again... those lessons are always some of my favorites. It's so easy to feel the spirit when you're just out in beautiful nature! Heavenly Father sure must love us a lot if He gave us such a beautiful world to live in. Friday night was fun night, so we spent the last hour of the day eating and playing games with members of the branch. I love these people so much. They've become like a second family to me, and I never want to leave!
Saturday we taught a bunch of lessons and it was great! We had a really spiritual lesson with a recent convert about prayer... we all cried. It was amazing. I love the spirit! 
Sunday we went to church bright and early so we could attend a little kid's baptism, and then we had a really good testimony meeting in sacrament! After church, we taught a few lessons, and ate dinner with Lisa and Andrew and that was our Sunday! 
It's been raining all day every day for a really long time here... the entire island is pretty much flooded. We've had to wade in knee-deep water a few times to get to appointments... it's such an adventure! I just love it. Apparently there's a tropical storm or something headed our way, but I don't actually know anything about it really because we aren't allowed to watch the news or anything haha. 
This week I've been studying prayer. I think that prayer is such an awesome gift! Heavenly Father just loves us so much and He wants to talk to us! I was reading a talk from Elder Cornish to prepare for zone conference, and I found this quote that I absolutely love. "I have found that one of the secrets to a joyful life is to recognize that doing things the Lord's way will make me happier than doing things my way." 
I just love that, and it's so true! Prayer aligns our will with the will of God, and as we work to align our will with God's will, we will find more happiness and peace than we ever could when we fight against God. This gospel is a gospel of joy. I know that now more than I've ever known that in my life. Following Christ's example is the only way to find true happiness in this life and the next. Just trust in God, and everything else will fall into place! 
"Doubt not, but be believing." -Mormon 9:27
I love you all!! 
Sister Oman 

Pictures: The new sisters! Sister Bailey and Sister Judd! and a gorgeous rainbow we saw while we were teaching at the beach. 
The wall above my desk

Sister Kemp!

knocking on doors is fun to do, fun to do! 

We found zion!

A jitney! (Or coaster, or bus, or whatever you want to call it.)

Sister Woolf and I with our free milk

Waiting with four missionaries' luggage at the airport!

The flooded street!! Our appointment was in one of the houses in the red and white building... so we got to wade through that gross nasty water. It was an adventure for sure! 

My New Planner

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